Rolex Part I – Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 16700 The Best Gift I Ever Bought For Myself Life And The Pepsi Is Back In BaselWorld 2018

My Rolex GMT Master Pepsi

If you have been following my blogs for years, you will know that I own one of the most sought after Rolex, i.e. GMT Master Pepsi in Stainless Steel. Prior to 2018, it was a collectors item. I bought my first Rolex when I was in my late twenties.  At that time we were in a recession (1997 – 1998) and Ringgit was weakening like nobody’s business. The watch cost more than my monthly salary; however, I had made lots of money as I had sold most of my shares just before the market collapsed. So I thought to myself back then, if I didn’t get a Rolex watch, with our Ringgit weakening day after day, soon a Rolex would eventually be beyond my reach. Today, a new Rolex 2 tone GMT Master II cost more than 3X (i.e. 300%) compared to what I paid about 20 years ago.

I tell you, the quality of Rolex  Stainless Steel watches is damn freaking good.

Below are photos of my Rolex GMT Master Pepsi Stainless Steel (Model No 16700) taken back in 2016, close to 20 years after I bought it and it still looks as good as new and works perfectly fine. I tell you, buying the Rolex Pepsi was the best thing I ever burned my money on as I can still use the damn watch after 20 years. I can’t say the same for the many notebooks, tons of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets that I had bought, where most are obsolete today.

GMT Master Pepsi

Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 2017

Rolex GMT Master 16700 Pepsi 2016

I bought my Rolex GMT Master Pepsi 20 years ago for about RM10K. Today, the same model watch, second hand, is selling for RM30K to RM40K which is about the same price of a new Rolex GMT Master II !!! An unworn Rolex GMT Pepsi 16700 can go as high as RM70K!!!

Rolex Pepsi GMT Master Price

Like I mentioned at the very beginning, buying the Rolex GMT Master Pepsi is the best purchase I ever made because I can use it daily and it lasts forever plus the price has appreciated more than 300%. So you better go get yourself the new Rolex GMT Master II Batman or Pepsi; because, in another 20 years time the same watch may cost you RM100K!!! However, please note, not all Rolex model appreciates but only selected models, especially stainless steel sport models (e.g. Daytona and GMT 2 tones). On the other hand, a Solid Gold Rolex watch may actually depreciate in value (second hand) but owning one is the ultimate epitome of success, i.e. you have reached the level of Chiak Bui Liow, hahaha.

Rolex Sky Dweller

Since 1998, I have bought more Rolex watches for my wife and children too. I will present to you the Rolex watches in later Part III and IV of my Rolex Series.

Now, with me buying the watches for my children, I am actually using their inheritance in advance, and best of all, they will be thankful to me and remember me as a generous father, hahaha. Same thing, my children are burning their future inheritance by attending World’s Top 50 Universities. As of December 2018, my family would have a total of 11 degrees!!!

  • My father – Bachelor of Engineering with Honours from UM.
  • My mother – Bachelor of Arts with Honours from UM. She was a former headmistress of 2 Convent High Schools.
  • Me – Bachelor of Engineering with Honours and Master of Engineering, both from USA.
  • Wifey – Bachelor of Science with Honours from USA.
  • My eldest son – Bachelor of Engineering from a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni and Master of Engineering from an Ivy League Uni (World’s Top 1% of Universities). And in December 2018, he has obtained another degree, i.e. Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from a World’s Top 50 Medicine Uni.
  • My second child, a daughter – Bachelor of Pharmacy (with Honours) in 2016 from a Melbourne uni ranked World’s Top 5 for Pharmacy. In December 2018, she has obtained her post graduate degree, Masters of Education, also from a university ranked in the Top 50 for Education.
  • My third child a son – in December 2018 obtained his first degree, Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accountancy and Banking & Finance from a uni in Melbourne which is ranked World’s Top 20 Uni for Accounting. He will be pursuing a Masters Degree in 2019.
  • My youngest daughter graduated from an elite all girls High School in Melbourne (this year 2018); but while still in High School, she was accepted into University of Melbourne (Ranked No.1 University in Australia and Top 50 in the world) to attend 2 first year courses, i.e. Micro and Macro Economics. She was competing with other first year uni students. She will formally enter University as a first year student in 2019.

As you can observe from above, I have been getting poorer by the day for years. As we Hokkien people always say – Kia Beh Tak Chair Tau Kak Tiah, Kia A Tak Chair Pun Tau Kak Tia (translated as Child cannot study, headache. Child can study also headache), hahahaha.

However, I have no qualms spending my money on my children’s education. Better that I burn my money now on my children’s education instead of them “suka-suka” burn my money on non-durable stuff when I go to the next world. Worst case is – if any of my sons go burn their inheritance on his girlfriend(s) (potentially other people’s wife) by buying her a Chanel bag – I would be damn freaking pissed off in my grave but I can’t dig out of it to go give him a good scolding, hahaha.

So, for those of you who have attained the level of “Chiak Bui Liow” (i.e. you have more than enough for your retirement until age 100), click here to read my article Spending Your Children’s future Inheritance so that you won’t need to dig yourself out from your grave, hahaha.

So coming to the topic of buying Rolex watches for my children, I can tell you this, the price of a Rolex watch is negligible compared to the cost of them getting a University Degree, and for my children’s cases, post graduate degrees too!!! But one thing for sure, both are damn good investments, i,e, Education and Rolex watches, because they are for life.

Last but not least, the card to use to pay for a Rolex watch is none other than the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve where you earn 1 Enrich Miles or 1 KrisFlyer Miles with every RM0.90 spent locally. By you using the Maybank AMEX Reserve to pay for a Solid Gold Rolex watch, you will earn yourself a one way FIRST CLASS ticket to Europe!!! And if your Rolex dealer is giving you less discount because you used an AMEX card, you are buying the watch from the wrong dealer, hahaha.

BaselWorld 2018 – My Rolex Pepsi is Back!!!

Wow! For Baselworld 2018, Rolex has reintroduced the GMT Master Pepsi in Stainless Steel!!! This is going to be another most sought after Rolex for the next 10 years or so.

Baselworld 2018 New Rolex Pepsi.jpg


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