GenX Disciple’s Malaysia Airlines Business Class Live Travel KL To Beijing On Airbus A330

I am pleased to present another Live Travel report from my disciple. This is the same person who have previously gave his Live Travel Report with Qatar Airways Q-Suite (click here to read his report) and flew to Europe to get 2 Rolex Batmans which he had reserved (click here to read about his hunt for Rolex Batmans). He has also flew with Singapore Airlines Business Class A380 and Cathay Pacific Business Class.


I flew with MAS last month from KL – Beijing return trip on business class. Although being a Malaysian since I was born, I have not tried our national carrier in premium cabin class before.

Also since the devaluation incident happen, I’ve never thought to redeem my precious airmiles in this programme..

UNTIL, I was notified by MAS that I have almost 75,000 airmiles expired in coming months and I was then forced to redeem them otherwise watching my hard-earn miles from 3 years ago burn away…. So I convert another more airmiles from my Maybank 2 Premier to redeem Business Class return with MAS KL/Beijing.

I managed to secure a bulk head-seat and on the departing day I actually didn’t bother to visit the MAS golden lounge as I’ve visited previously and feel not need to visit there again..the food wasn’t any better than Plaza Premium Lounge in my opnion.

Aircraft A330  – Bulk Head Seat 1A

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing 1.jpg

And I pick the Guava juice as welcoming drinks. Fresh squeeze hmm..

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing 2.jpg

It is a typical 1 – 2 -1 configurations and wasn’t crowded that day…

I actually like this kind of configurations because its more convenient for people to walk out and more comfortable experience..

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing 3.jpg

In Flight Business Class Food

After the captain announced the aircraft reach 30,000 ft level. the crew then start prepare our meal..

And of course, the signature Malaysia Satay! Satay tasted so good in the air however I’ve only tried their chicken that time as I can’t take lamb..

It was so good that I actually requested a few more after this 😊 The friendly air hostess offer me a lot more than I actually asked for.

Business Class Malaysia Airlines Satay.jpg

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing Food Menu.jpg

I haven’t have my lunch and breakfast for the whole, so I actually ordered the Ayam Percik from the menu and it was ….ok – fine, but not great.

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing Food Menu Ayam Percik.jpg

My 1A bulk head seat, its not as wide as my experience with SIA A380 (the widest seat ever), however it does the job, comfort, and sensor to control is VERY sensitive – which is a plus in my opinion.

However, in-flight entertainment had very limited choices compare to other competitors, sorry as I was pampered by the middle east carrier such as Emirates, Qatar, or even Cathay have better movies than MAS!!

Time to nap after the meal since the movie have not much choice….

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing Airbus A330 Flat Bed.jpg

And waking up, feeling hungry, so order their egg-noodles which served anytime – turns out to be Maggie with a fancy name hahaha!

Business Class Malaysia Airlines KL Beijing Food Noodle.jpg

Overall, a pleasure experience with MAS; however readers, please don’t simply burn away your hard earned precious miles like me into enrich, when I don’t have a choice (points was accumulate and converted few years back) and you have a choice, listen to Sifu words and make your own analysis, splurge on first class and long distance flight!

On behalf of all my followers, I thank my fellow Bro for sharing with us his journey from Kuala Lumpur direct to Beijing with Malaysia Airlines Business Class.

Back in January 2019, another air miles disciple also flew with Malaysia Airlines Business Class Beijing to KL. Click here for his report which included photos of the Business Class Lounge in Beijing and In-Flight Drinks Menu.

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