My Europe Trip 2019 Part III+ – Rome Here I Come

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My Europe Trip 2019 Part III – Day 2 In Copenhagen And What You Must Do

Today I am leaving Copenhagen for Rome.

FYI, I stayed at Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade for 2 nights where I booked a room for 3 pax via Agoda. The total price for the 2 nights cost me DKK2,500.

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade Review.jpg

Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade Reception

Opposite the hotel is the famous Burger called Gasoline Grill (ranked top 30 best burger in the world but we did  it try it) and also Restaurant Pluto which I had dinner on the 1st night in Copenhagen.


The hotel room I stayed in was comfy but it did not come with complimentary coffee and tea which is like the norm in most hotels in Asia.

Wakeup Copenhagen Room 1.jpg

Wakeup Copenhagen Room 2.jpg

Wakeup Copenhagen Room 3.jpg

Wakeup Copenhagen Room 4.jpg

As for the location of the hotel, it is perfect as it is centrally located. I could walk to all the places I visited in less than 20 minutes. The weather in Copenhagen is cool and great for walking which then allows us to explore more parts of Copenhagen.

Metro Train To Airport

We decided to take the Metro train/subway to the airport. It is a 6 minutes walk from Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade tongue Metro Station at Kongens Nytorv.

Wakeup Copenhagen to Metro Station Kongen Nytorv.jpg

I wanted to clear my Danish money but the damn ticket kiosk only accept coins or cards! So I had no choice but to use my Maybank Visa Infinite to pay for the tickets costing DKK108 (DKK36 x 3 pax) and earned more air miles in the process.


We flew from Copenhagen to Rome with RyanAir where the ticket cost us about RM500 each. I had checked in and obtained our boarding passes days ago while still in KL (if you book a seat  you can check in 60 days prior to your flight). While at Terminal 2, we went to the ticketing kiosk to scan our boarding passes to print our luggage tags and the dropped them off.

I tell you, the Security Check Q at Copenhagen is damn long, so you better allow adequate time. Moreover, since I am flying RyanAir, a budget airline, we had to walk damn freaking far to the Departure Gate.

ROME Day 1

RyanAir Boeing 737-800 to Rome


Landed in Rome where it was hot and sunny.







My G-Shock Red Heritage GW-B5600

It took more than half an hour for our luggage to come out from the carousel. From the airport we took the taxi to our hotel. If you Google, the official rate for a taxi ride from the airport to Rome city centre is EUR30 (it is even stated on the taxi door!). However, I have read many people complaining online that the taxi drivers here are dishonest and would charge more. Therefore I was not surprised when the taxi driver wanted more than the official rate BUT I willing pay because I was not going to drag my bags from the train station to my hotel in the hot sun; plus since the roads in Rome are not  in grid form unlike modern cities, I may even get lost using Google Maps, haha.

When the taxi dropped me off in front on my hotel, I had no idea how to get in!!! Someone then taught me that I had to push an intercom button that was beside the door, haha.



My room in Rome



FREE coffee!!@


The hotel I am staying in Rome is centrally located. To the West is the Vatican and to the East is the Colosseum.

Right in from of the hotel is Largo di Torre Argentina, a square with four Roman Republican temples and the remains of Pompey’s Theatre. It is here where Julius Caesar was assassinated.



Area Sacra Di Largo Argentina

After checking in the hotel we headed to Piazza Navona before having our dinner at a nearby restaurant.


The food I had for dinner (TripAdvisor rating 4.5 for this restaurant) was reasonable priced and my wife and daughter liked it but it was just edible as far as I am concerned (my wife claims it is authentic …. whatever) except for the house wine which was cheap and damn nice.








The house red wine was really good and damn cheap at EUR4.

After dinner we had Gelato and dropped by Pantheon which is 8 minutes walk from the hotel I am staying at.








Pantheon main door…look at the height of the door. P.s. the guy in the photo is a model (tourist) to let you have an idea of how high the door is.


Pantheon Rome

To be continued…