My Europe Trip 2019 Part V – I Conquered Rome In A Day

In a single day I conquered all the main attractions in Rome!

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Rome Day 2

We left the hotel at about 9am and the temperature was still not high at 24 degrees celcius which was comfortable.

Trevi Fountain

The first stop for this morning was Trevi Fountain and I must say it is truly magnificent.

GenX Europe Trip Rome Trevi Fountain.jpg

Rome Trevi Fountain 1.jpg

Rome Trevi Fountain 2.jpg



Spanish Steps

From Trevi Fountain we walked to Spanish Steps.

Rome Spanish Steps.jpg

Rome Spanish Steps Base.jpg

Fountain at the base if Spanish Steps

Rome Spanish Steps 2.jpg

View from top of Spanish Steps


After checking out Spanish Steps, we headed to Pantheon where we get to enter for FREE. The Pantheon used to be a Pagan Temple and the best preserved ancient building in  Rome but have been converted to a church.

Rome Pantheon 1.jpg

Rome Pantheon inside Church.jpg

Rome Pantheon Inside.jpg

Rome Pantheon Inside Photo with Dome.jpg




I tell you the Pantheon is an engineering marvel considered it was build thousands of years ago with a dome roof where there is a hole in the middle (I later learned the hole is to allow smoke to escape when the Pagans were burning whatever inside the temple).

We dropped by Pompi, which is very near to Pantheon, for some tiramisu and we ordered  the classic and strawberry which were really really good.

Best Tiramisu in Rome.jpg

Best tiramisu in Rome 2.jpg

Best Tiramisu in Rome Pompi

We then had lunch at the No.1 restaurant in the world, i.e. McD.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to rest for an hour before the main event of the day which my youngest daughter had booked for us, i.e. 3 hours Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour with special entrance to the Colosseum via the Gladiator Gate.

Bus Ride To Colosseum

The hotel receptionist advised us to take Bus No. 87 to Colosseum and the ticket could be bought at the Tobacco Shop next to the hotel entrance.

Rome Public Bus 1 way ticket.jpg

Rome Public Bus Ticket

The one way ticket cost less than EUR2 per pax and I bought tickets for the return trip too.

Once we boarded the bus, we needed to validate the bus ticket by inserting it into a machine, photo below:

Rome Public Bys Ticket validation machine.jpg

Roman Forum

The tour of the Roman Forum and Colosseum started at 3pm when the sun was blazing hot.

Below are some photos taken during the tour of the Roman

Ruins at Rome Forum.jpg

Pagen Temple converted to church in Rome Forum

Above is a photo of a Pagan Temple which was subsequently converted to a Church. Note the entrance door….. that was the street level during the Medieval Times … the land we were standing has been heavily excavated by archeologists.

Arc in Rome Forum

The Arch of Titus who conquered Israel


The reason why I wanted to come to Rome was to visit the Colosseum where Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris had their epic fight. Plus I promised to take my youngest daughter to Italy if she did well in her VCE Exams (Victoria Certificate of Education) in 2018, which she did and even won an award by the Premier of Victoria Australia for having the best result for one particular subject.

Rome Colosseum Arc.jpg

Rome Colossuem External.jpg

Rome Colossuem.jpg

We entered the Colossuem via a special gate which had no queue…. the Gladiators’ Gate straight into the Arena Stage!

Rome Colossuem Gladiator Entrance to Arena.jpg

Below of photos taken while we were inside the Colosseum:

Rome Colossuem Inside 1.jpg


Rome Colossuem with G Shock.jpg

My G-Shock Red Heritage GW-B5600


panaroma view

Rome Colossuem Internal.jpg

Colosseum Entrance Arc.jpg

The tour ended at about 6pm…. and I was sun burned!

Well, I conquered Rome in a day! We visited the all the main tourist attractions, i.e. Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Roman Forum and Colosseum before the day ended 🙂

We then took the bus back to the hotel and rested for less than an hour and went for dinner at a nearby restaurant called Origana but they had a Private Event and only serving pizza to those who did not make any reservation. Well the pizza was pretty good.



After dinner we headed to another Gelato store for dessert.


To be continued…