My Europe Trip 2019 Part VI – Rome Free & Easy

Rome Day 3

Yesterday we conquered Rome’s main attractions in a single day, so today is a free and easy day.

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We woke up at 9am since we have no fixed program for the day.

So for brunch we decided to head to Trastevere and we chose a restaurant called Tonnarello which was in TripAdvisor’s top 10 recommended restaurant.

The walk to Tonnarello from our hotel took about 13 minutes and it was the first time we crossed the Tiber River by foot.

Rome River Tiber.jpg

Just before reaching Tonnarello restaurant we came to a square called Piazza Di S Maria and there was a church.

Piazza Di S Maria Church.jpg

Piazza Di S Maria.jpg

The outside of the Church did not look impressive but inside was a totally different story. I tell you, the floor design was nice but the ceiling of this Church was amazing!

Piazza Di S Maria Church 2.jpg

The floor of the Church

Piazza Di S Maria Church 1.jpg

Piazza Di S Maria Church 3.jpg

Restaurant Tonnarello

We reached Tonnarello before 12pm and there were only few tables seated. By the time we finished our lunch it was packed. So best you go to the any “famous” restaurants early if you do not have a reservation.

Tonnarello Rome Trastevere 2.jpg

Tonnarello Rome Trastevere 1.jpg

Tonnarello Rome Trastevere 5.jpg

Tonnarello Rome Trastevere 6.jpg

Tonnarello Rome Trastevere 7.jpg

The texture of the spaghetti above at Tonnarello is like our Hokkien Mee!

After lunch we walked back to the hotel using a different route and even stopped by another Tiramisu place called Zum but I would recommend you go to Pompi instead as posted in My Europe Trip 2019 Part III+.






We also passed by an open market and a shopping street where I got excited when I saw the word Amsterdam Cannabis. But my wife refused to allow me to buy a joint and I guess her reason was valid… I will contaminate our luggage and we may end up with unnecessary hassle at airport security.






Roscioli Cafe- a recommended cafe

Alter Of The Fatherland

After resting for a couple hours in our really nice cooling air-conditioned room, we headed to the Altar Of The Fatherland which is about 10 minutes walk. If you ever have free time in Rome, you must visit this place…… you get to enter the building for FREE and at the top of the building you get a 360 degree view of Rome!









Panaroma view from Altar Of The Fatherland Rome


And as you are exiting the building using the internal staircase, at the ground floor there is a museum where you can enter for FREE!


We could see the Colosseum from the Altar Of The Fatherland, so we decided to walk there again for more photos 🙂

Rome Colosseum 2019.jpg

Rome Colosseum GenX Europe Trip 2019

It was close to 6.30pm after we were done taking photos, so decided to head to Origano, the restaurant we had pizza only yesterday for dinner as they were too busy with a private event. The pizza was pretty good so we made reservations for dinner tonight.

I tell you, the service at Origano is really good. All the waiters are friendly and helpful. While I was paying the bill, the beautiful lady boss even said “terima kasih” when we told her we were Malaysians when she asked where we were from.

Rome Origano restaurant review 1.jpg

Rome Origano restaurant review 2.jpg


Rome Origano restaurant review 3.jpg

Rome Origano restaurant review prices.jpg

After dinner we went across the street to a cafe to get some pastries for tomorrow morning as we have booked a tour of the Vatican City at 8am.



To be continued….