My Europe Trip 2019 Part VII – Vatican City, Michelangelo and The Most Beautiful Girl In Rome

I am so glad that my youngest daughter booked a guided tour of the Vatican City… else I would be lost in this small nation.

The most powerful and respected man on earth resides in Vatican City, i.e, the Pope, he has millions of followers where he is elected democratically and can be born in any country in the world!

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Vatican City

We took the public bus to Vatican City where it only cost EUR1.50 per person one way.

The tour of the Vatican City starts at the Museum Entrance and ends at St. Peter’s Square.

Vatican City Guards.jpg

St Peter's Square Morning.jpg

We reached the Museum Entrance before 8am and there was already a long queue. My youngest daughter booked the tour via Vatican City Official Online Website.

Vatican City Tour.jpg

Vatican City Tour Entrance.jpg

Vatican Museum Ticket.jpg

Vatican City Museum Pine Cone.jpg

Bronze Pine Cone which was a fountain and more than 2 thousand years old!

Vatican City Museum 10.jpg

The statue of Apollo that intrigued Michelangelo and inspired him to paint Jesus as a young and handsome man in his painting of The Last Judgement.

Vatican City Museum 9.jpg

Vatican City Museum 8.jpg


A dome inside Vatican City based on Pantheon’s dome.

Vatican City Museum 5.jpg

Terrazzo Floor

Vatican City Museum 4.jpg

Looks 3D but is is actually painted ceiling. The artist of previous generations were geniuses!

Vatican City Museum 3.jpg

Vatican City Museum 1.jpg

Vatican City Famous Paintings 1.jpg

There are thousands and thousands of treasures in the Vatican Museum, above are just a small portion of what are on display.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is where the Pope is secretly voted by the Cardinals and also where many of Michelangelo’s years of hard work are permanently shown to humanity.

Vatican 16 Chapels The Last Judgement

Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement in the background.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The largest Church on earth which is also the resting place of Peter whom Jesus said will be given The Keys To The Kingdom God.


Vatican City St Peter's Basilica Holy Door.jpg

The Holy Door

Michelangelo Sculpture at age 20.jpg

Vatican City St Peter's Basilica 3.jpg

Below the grand canopy is the resting place of Peter.

Vatican City St Peter's Basilica 2

Above is the symbolic Throne of The Pope. Now you guys know where Games Of Thrones people copied the Iron Throne from.

As I mentioned from the start, the tours ends at St. Peter’s Square. Below is once again a photo of the square.

Vatican City St Peter's Square.jpg

Vatican City Swiss Guard.jpg

Swiss Guards

Osteria Padi Restaurant

After the tour, it was close to 12pm and we were all hungry. So I googled and found a restaurant nearby called Osteria Pade which had very good reviews.

Osteria Padi Rome best restaurant Vatican City.jpg

Osteria Padi Rome Menu prices.jpg

Osteria Padi Rome Fettuccine truffle cream.jpg

Osteria Padi Rome prawns.jpg

Osteria Padi Rome price.jpg

I tell you, God is really good to me because right in front to the left of the restaurant was the Bus Stop No.64, the bus that will take us back to the front door of our hotel.

The more than 3 hours tour of the Vatican City has worn us out. So we rested in our cool hotel room until it was time for dinner.

CiPasso Restaurant

Best Restaurant in Rome CiPasso.jpg

It was the last night for us in Rome. So I decided that we should try out CiPasso which is ranked No.3 best restaurant in entire Room. This place does not accept reservations, so we headed there early and reached just before 6.30pm. We only had to wait 10 minutes and were seated. I tell you, it is best you go to any of the highly ranked restaurants early else you will need to wait.

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant.jpg

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant 2.jpg

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant 3.jpg

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant Cod.jpg

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant Meat Balls.jpg

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant Truffle Crostine

CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant Lasagna.jpg


CiPasso Rome Best Restaurant Price.jpg

The Most Beautiful Girl In Rome

Below is a photo of the hostess at CIPASSO, the most beautiful girl I have seen in entire Rome 🙂

Most beautiful girl in Rome.jpg

After dinner we decided to head to Trevi Fountain to check in out again.

Trevi Fountain Night.jpg

To be continued…