My Europe Trip 2019 Part VIII – Florence Cathedral & Dome, Another Wonder Of Italy

Today we left Rome for Florence Italy.

If you are visiting Rome, I highly recommend Argentina Residenza Style Hotel. The hotel is centrally located where you can walk to the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Altar Of The Fatherland, Piazza Navona and even the Colosseum. The hotel room is really nice with all the necessary amenities and the staff are really really helpful. And right in front of the hotel is also the bus stops and taxi stand!

We took the taxi from the taxi stand to Roma Termini which is the train station. The taxi ride cost us EUR12.


Roma Termini

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I bought the train tickets to Florence months ago where it cost approximately EUR53 per pax on Business Class.


The journey to Florence took about 1.5 hours. Below are some photos taken during the train ride:



Leaving Rome



My Business Class Train Seat Rome to Florence


Snack and drinks included in the ticket price




Arrived in Florence Italy

Florence Italy Day 1

From the train station, we took a taxi to our hotel. The hotel is not that far from the train station, about 15 minutes walk; but we had luggage.

Unlike my hotel in Rome, which has 4 Star, this time we are staying in a 3 Star hotel and the room is nothing spectacular and no FREE coffee! BUT I was surprised to be informed that breakfast is included! I can’t remember what rooms in Italy I have booked as I did it months ago via Agoda.


Whenever I book any hotel, the main criteria I have are 3 things – (1) must have Agoda rating of 7.5 and above, (2) price within my budget and (3) most important of all is the location.

Now I know why I booked this particular hotel, it is 3 minutes walk to Florence Cathedral Dome šŸ™‚

Florence Cathedral Dome

My daughter had booked for us to visit Florence Dome at 4pm. So after checking in at the hotel, we walked to Florence Cathedral and I was amazed with the size and splendor.

Florence Cathedral Dome 1.jpgFlorence Cathedral Dome 3.jpgFlorence Cathedral Dome 5.jpg

Since we booked to visit the Dome at 4pm and it was not even 3pm, I googled “where to eat nearby” and decided to try out Osteria Del Proconsolo which has a rating of 4.5 at TripAdvisor







We went to the Visitor Entrance of the Dome 10 minutes before 4pm.

Florence Cathedral Dome  Visitor Entrance.jpg

Entrance to Florence Dome

I tell you, we had no idea what we were in for…. it is a freaking long climb up the Dome! We had to climb equivalent of 30 stories to reach the top! But once we are at the top of the Dome, it was a spectacular sight.

Florence Cathedral Dome ceiling.jpg

This photo was taken midway before reaching the top of the Dome.

Florence Cathedral Dome View 1.jpg

Panaroma view from top of Florence Dome

Florence Cathedral Dome view 2.jpg

Florence Cathedral Dome view 3

I tell you, luckily we visited Italy now because in another 2 to 3 years, I doubt I will have the energy to climb to the top of Florence Dome! It is best to go travelling while you still can walk, eat, shit and sleep and not tell yourself you will go travelling after you retire at the age of 65.

Below are photos taken after the visit to FlorenceĀ  Dome as we were walking heading to Ponte Vecchio (jewellers on a bridge).

Florence Italy 1.jpg

Florence Italy 2

Florence Italy 5.jpg

Florence River

Florence Italy  Ponte Vecchio Bridge 1.jpg

Florence Italy  Ponte Vecchio Bridge 2.jpg

Florence Italy  Ponte Vecchio Bridge 5.jpg

Florence Italy  Ponte Vecchio Bridge 3.jpg

Florence Italy 3.jpg

Florence Italy 6

To be continued…