My Europe Trip 2019 Part XV – London Duck Here I Come

Today I am leaving Italy for London.

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Bye Bye Italy, It Was An Amazing Experience

FYI, the hotel I stayed in Venice is called Hotel San Luca located in San Marco. It is a great location and overall I am satisfied with the hotel room and service.



Reception is located on the 1st floor.

Oh yes, if you are travelling, you must get a small sling back like mine from Travelon (or PacSafe) which is RFID Safe,  slash proof and the zip can be securely “locked”. It also has many compartments with zip too. And more importantly, it is small enough but yet I can carry lots of stuff AND I can carry it with me when I enter all the buildings. Many attractions in Europe do not allow you to bring a backpack innfor security reasons.

Travelon Sling Bag 2

The sides even allow me to carry an umbrella and a bottle of water

Travelon Sling Bag 3

Venice Airport

Like I mentioned, my hotel location is really good. I only have to walk less than 5 minutes to to ferry stop at Rialto and take the water bus that will take me to the airport. The ticket cost EUR15 and the ride takes approximately 1 hour (because the speed limit for the boats is 20 km/hour, yes there is a speed limit on the water too!!)





I flew with British Airways and I had checked in online earlier where I asked the hotel staff to print my boarding pass; therefore I went to the Bag Drop Queue which was shorter.


In my earlier report I told you guys that Copenhagen Airport Security Queue is freaking long and you should go to the airport early.

Well, for Venice, the Security Queue was pretty fast and there is even a lane for MasterCard holders. However I did not bring any of my Platinum or World MasterCards but at least you now know you should bring yours along.

Venice Airport MasterCard

As for the Immigration Queue, it was freaking unbelievable long and slow moving. So you better head to the gate once you dropped your bags.

Venice Airport Immigration Queue

This is the Queue to clear Immigration!

Below are photos of the Airbus 319 I flew in.



Really old and dirty safety brochure



London Duck Here I Come

From Heathrow, I took the taxi to my hotel as we had 2 big luggage bags. The ride cost me GBP76 and I could use my credit card to pay for the ride without any surcharge.




There is even a sun roof! This is a “new” London taxi but the shape is similar to the iconic original London taxi.


I paid the taxi ride using my credit card.

After I checked into my hotel, we headed to SOHO near Chinatown as I was scheduled to meet my uncle for dinner. When my uncle found out I will be in London, he decided to fly from KL to London just to meet up with me because he also has nothing better to do 🙂



While heading to the dinner place, we dropped by the Chanel Boutique at Selfridges as my wife wanted to check out a handbag. FYI, the same handbag is cheaper in Italy.

Luckily for me they don’t have the handbag my wife wants in black.



London Duck

We had dinner at a place called The Duck and Rice. The ambience and service is a zillion times better than the famous Four Seasons, haha.

The food was actually very good and the duck really tender.


London Duck and Rice Review 21.jpg

The spacious round table we had.

London Duck and Rice Review 16.jpg

London Duck and Rice Review 2.jpg

London Duck and Rice Review 8


London Duck and Rice Review 3

London Duck and Rice Review 1


After dinner we went to Piccadilly Circus where I bought 3 Osyter Cards for our coming days adventure.

Largest LED Screen in the world

Largest LED screen in the world


Used my credit card to purchase and top up the Osyter Card


To be continued….