My Wife’s Search For Her Latest Dream Handbag – Small Coco Handle

My wife has been dreaming of getting a Chanel Small Coco Handle Flap Handbag in Beige color for months.

She was dreaming to get one when we were supposed to be in Europe this April 2020 but I cancelled our Round The World Trip back in February (even before the Malaysian government imposed lock down on 18th March 2020) because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like I said, she’s dreaming, hahaha.

Anyway, last month (early June 2020) while stuck in Malaysia, she told me she wanted the Chanel Small Coco Handle in Beige and that Chanel Malaysia website does show one (it still does as of 13th July 2020).

Chanel Small Flap Bag With Top Coco Handle Malaysia Price

So as usual I checked out Chanel’s website and was like why not buy the medium size which can hold more things? You see, the Medium Coco Handle cost about RM1K more and to me it is a better buy (more bang for the buck) compared to the Small Coco Handle that can’t even fit her elongated Chanel Zip Wallet.

But my wife said the Small Coco Handle and Mini Rectangular Flap handbags are so cute and perfect for dinner parties!

I tell you, women are from a different species than men……. all they think about is spending money on fashion and beauty. The fact is nobody cares what handbag they carry or if they have botox treatment to make their face stiff like plastic.

So in early June my wife called Chanel KLCC and the SA told her that there was no stock for the beige or black in gold hardware for the small coco handle. The SA then told my wife to check back in July as there will be new stock arriving.

So early last week (can’t remember Tuesday or Wednesday) my wife called Chanel KLCC again (spoke to a different SA) to ask when will the new stock arrive and will there be any beige color. This particular SA told my wife that the system shows that there will be something similar to beige for the coco handle plus other new colors. She told my wife that the new stock will be launched on 14th July 2020 (Tuesday) and  recommended my wife to go there early in the morning.

Then on Saturday night, my wife called Chanel KLCC again to try luck if she can get a small coco handle in beige the next day (Sunday 12th July 2020) and the SA told her that the new stock will only be available on 13th July and not 14th July as informed by another SA earlier in the week!

I tell you, don’t trust any of the Chanel SA over the phone but call several times and speak to different people to confirm and reconfirm whatever that you want to know, yes be kiasu, hahaha.

So on 13th July 2020 I had to be my wife’s chauffeur and drove her to KLCC. We reached Chanel about noon and there was no queue and we were served instantly.

So my wife asked the SA if they had the Small Coco Handle in Beige and the SA said that this new season there will be no beige or light color!!! Remember, earlier another SA told my wife that their system shows that there will be something similar to beige color allocated for the Chanel KLCC outlet but she did clarify that she can’t confirm exactly when it will be available.

My wife then asked if they have small black coco handle with gold hardware and the SA said that all the black from the new stock have been sold out this morning. The SA then showed me a photo of the freaking long queue where it seems people started queuing from 6am!!!

So my wife asked what color they have? And the SA was kind enough to bring an all black, navy blue, gold and purple (photo below):

Chanel Small Flap Bag With Top Coco Handle Malaysia Black Blue Gold Purple

The only color my wife was considering from the 4 colors above was the Navy Blue model.

Then my wife asked if they have the medium coco handle in black and to our surprise the SA then showed her a Medium Black Chevron with Champagne Gold Hardware and Burgundy handle!

Chanel Coco Handle Handbag Malaysia Small Navy Blue Medium Black with Champagne Gold hardware

On The Left: Medium Coco Handle in Black. On The Right: Small Coco Handle in Navy Blue

So now my wife had a hard time choosing which bag she wanted! Black Coco Chevron with Burgundy Handle in Medium Size or Navy Blue Coco in Small.

She was modelling at the mirror for quite some time with the bags plus non stop on WhatsApp contacting my daughter who is in Melbourne to seek her opinion.

Chanel Flap Bag With Top Coco Handle Malaysia Small Navy Blue Medium Black Chevron with Champagne Gold hardware

On the Left: Medium Black Chevron with Burgundy Chanel Coco Handle. On the Right: Small Chanel Coco Handle Flap Handbag in Navy Blue

The SA noted that I was getting annoyed and offered me coffee which I happily accepted …. FREE coffee what to complain….. FREE Is The Best, Chanel Customer Service is fantastic.

Chanel Malaysia Customer Service is Fantastic

FREE Coffee 🙂

In the end she decided to get the Medium Coco Handle in Black Chevron with Burgundy Handle with Champagne Gold Hardware because generally a Black Chanel with Champagne Gold handbag is hard to come by.

I was happy too because my wife paid for her Chanel bag with her wonderful Maybank AMEX Reserve Supp card from me. Therefore, I will earn 1 air mile for every RM1 spent 🙂 FYI, my wife is using her own money to buy the Chanel bag and will reimburse me with cash later.

Finally I can go back home….. while the SA was packing the bag I went out for a smoke because I was getting agitated.

When I returned to the Chanel Boutique, my wife was looking at shoes with her SA and while I was walking towards her I thought I saw another customer looking at the same Coco Handle Black Chevron that my wife just bought BUT IN SMALL SIZE! So I asked the SA to follow me and asked isn’t that a small Coco handle in black? And to my surprise the SA said yes. So I asked why wasn’t it shown to us? Well, the SA said that when we first entered the store, after checking the SA was pretty sure that there was no Small Coco Handle in Black in stock anymore as they were all sold out in the morning!

I tell you, it is a miracle – we didn’t have to Q up at 6am but only arrived at Chanel KLCC at noon and a Small Black Coco Handle with Champagne Gold hardware was right in front of our eyes – it was all planned by God and the earlier 2 hours spent by my wife choosing from the selection offered by the SA was to test our patience 🙂

Below is a photo of the Coco Handle Small and Medium in both Black Chevron and Navy Blue quilted caviar leather. The small black chevron Coco Handle was in Burgundy color too.

Chanel Flap Bag With Top Coco Handle Malaysia Medium and Small Navy Blue and Black Chevron with Champagne Gold hardware

So I had to wait again while my wife started modelling in front of the mirror once more and contacted my daughter all over again and sending photos to her in Melbourne over WhatsApp.

Chanel Flap Bag With Top Coco Handle Malaysia Medium and Small Black Chevron with Champagne Gold hardware

On the left: Medium Coco Handle. On the right: Small Coco Handle

Of course my wife chose the Black Coco Handle Small Flap Bag with Top Handle in Burgundy, which is the size she wanted when we first entered the Chanel Boutique.

BUT then my youngest daughter fell in love with the Small Black Coco Handle! She is in her second year pursuing her first degree. i.e. Bachelor of Commerce at the No.1 ranked university in Australia. Last year I did not get her any birthday present because she could not decide what she wanted. So I told my wife I am willing to pay for this Small Black Coco handle bag as a birthday present for my youngest daughter’s last year, this year and next year (21st) birthday PLUS as a graduation gift for next year – 4 in 1, hahaha. My wife agreed to this proposal and contacted my youngest daughter again and she agreed too.

However, now we have a situation where both my wife and daughter will have the same hand bag but in different sizes. So my wife decided to forgo her Medium Black Coco Handle and instead opted for the Small Navy Blue Quilted Caviar Coco Handle with Champagne Gold hardware.

The SA gladly entertained our wants and I paid for the Small Black Coco Handle for my daughter with my AMEX Reserve. So in total I earned more than 30K air miles 🙂

I had to spend close to 3 hours waiting for my wife to make a decision on what handbag to get!!! I tell you, my wife should thank me for smoking otherwise we wouldn’t have chanced upon the small Chanel Coco Handle in black, hahaha.

Why I decided to purchase to Chanel Coco Small Flap Bag with Top Handle for my youngest daughter?

  1. The Chanel Coco Bag was launched in 2015 and was an instant hit. Ever since then, Chanel has been selling it and now have made it like a permanent collection.
  2. For my older daughter’s 21st Birthday and as a graduation gift for her first degree, I rewarded her with a Chanel Flap hand bag. So it is only fair that I reward my youngest daughter with a Chanel bag too for her 21st Birthday and as a graduation gift.
  3. As you know the price of Chanel bags keep increasing yearly. So if I were to purchase the bag this year for my youngest daughter and Chanel increase the price of the Coco Handle by 10% next year, I will save RM1.6K. If the price of the bag increased by 20%, I would have saved RM3.2K.
  4. If MYR weakens in the future, I will need to pay much more for the Chanel handbag too. However if USD weakens against the MYR, I will be richer in terms of USD.
  5. As of today, most of the Classic Chanel handbags cost more than RM28K. However the Chanel Coco Handle is still selling for less than RM20K.

Chanel Coco Flap Bag With Top Handle July 2020 Price

Anyway, my youngest daughter told her mummy that both of them can share share the handbags so both get to select which bag to go with their outfits.

But because my wife did not get her dream beige Chanel handbag, it will only be a matter of time before she goes hunting for one…… but in the meantime she can continue dreaming.

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