Apply For The Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard At M2U And Have It Approved Within An Hour Or So If You Are An Existing Maybank Credit Cardholder

One of my Bro, who holds the Maybank 2 Cards Premier, went to Maybankard Centre at The Gardens to apply for the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard after reading my Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard Credit Card Review; BUT he was instead told to apply online, haha.

Well, I just created a super quick tutorial at YouTube on how to apply for the Maybank Grab Platinum MC via Maybank website, aka M2U.

If you are an existing Maybank credit cardholder, once you Log In to your M2U Account, you just need to click here and there and request for an SMS TAC, that’s it! No documents whatsoever will be required to be submitted and your application will be approved within an hour or 2 if you apply within working hours.

Click on the You Tube video below to start watching and remember to Subscribe my YouTube Chanel (click here to visit it).

Below is an image to show you the SMS I received from Maybank:

It is so easy to get another credit card at Maybank2U if you are an existing cardholder!

Like I mentioned in my Maybank Grab credit card review, even if you are earning less than RM36K per year but you are holding the Maybank 2 Gold Cards, your application for the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard may be approved because it will share the same Combined Credit Limit.