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GenX GenY GenZ Readers’ Choice Malaysia Super Apps – Best & Worst App

Based on the votes submitted by GenX GenY GenZ’s Readers, I am pleased to present to you GenX GenY GenZ Readers’ Choice for The Best Apps in Malaysia 2021 and also the Worst App in Malaysia for 2021.

And the winners are:

No.1 Super App of Malaysia – Grab App

No.2 Super App of Malaysia – Shopee

No.3 Super App of Malaysia – TnG eWallet


I myself find that Grab is super good. Besides being widely accepted by many merchants, we also save money with their promos (e.g. NEW2MART and HOTDEALS) but we also earn FREE GrabRewards Points from Grab Power Up Promos. The Grab PointsBack is also very good.

My readers are also very happy with Grab Customer Service where my complains were attended to immediately and they refunded me for an order that was wrongly delivered.

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Shopee – Malaysia Best App 1st Runner Up

I am not surprised that Shopee ended up as the No.2 Best App based on my readers’ votes.

But the best part of Shopee App is that we can earn FREE money, i.e. Shopee Coins, from thin air. And then we can use the FREE Coins to offset payment for bills at Shopee App!!! Click here to re read FREE Money From Shopee To Pay Your Bills Or Top Up Mobile PrePaid

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TnG eWallet – Malaysia Best App 1st Runner Up

I was kind of surprised when I tallied up the votes and found that TnG eWallet won the the third spot for the Best App Award.

Then again, TnG eWallet does have pretty good cash back in the past few months (in October, November and December) with their Hunter Game Promo (click here to read my article on it).

TnG eWallet is accepted by many merchants and can even be used in Japan!

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However, not everyone loves TnG eWallet as you can see it is also the forth hated app.

Want to see the most hated App by GenX GenY GenX’s Followers? Scroll down and click on Page 2 🙂