Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard Credit Card Review – Part I

If you have Grab App, South East Asia Super App and eWallet, you would have received an email telling you about Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard Credit Card that was launched on 18th August 2020, 18.8.2020. See Grab and Maybank are into the number No.8 like me, hahaha.

Grab App is really good for South East Asia where we can catch a ride easily while in Singapore or Bali. And best of all we can set our Maybank AMEX credit card as Primary Payment Method at our Grab App Wallet to pay for GrabRide, GrabFood and GrabMart.

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Moreover, with Grab App, we also get to enjoy many promotions and discount, i.e. currently 31% off for Online Shopping Deals and 50% Off Hotdeals for GrabFood and GrabMart. Need toilet paper urgently or Panadol for your headache, just use Grab App GrabMart and we can purchase them from Guardian or Watson or Caring or wherever and it will be delivered to us!

Since the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard was only launched yesterday in Malaysia, I can’t report to you the actual number of GrabReward Points we can earn based on RM1 spending but I had to rely on what is being mentioned at Maybank website only.

I have decided to present to you my comments on the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard Review as follows:

Part 1 – A quick video review highlighting the Pros and Cons of the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard.

Part 2 – A more detail write up on the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard. To be published soon.

Part 3 – Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard versus Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards AMEX by end of this week.

Without further ado, I present to you Part 1 – Video Introducing the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard:

It is kind of odd that one needs annual income of RM36K to be eligible for the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard. Seriously, how much can we spend with Grab? We can’t use Grab Wallet to purchase the new Samsung Note Ultra 20+ that cost several thousands of Ringgit Malaysia!

Anyway, stay tune for Part 2 which will be presented in a day or two.