My Maybank Grab Platinum Card It Is Not Pure White But Greenish!!!

Previously I told you guys I applied for the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard online via M2U which is damn easy and I even produced a video on how to go about it:

If you have yet to read my review of the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard, you can watch my video presentation below:

Well, I applied for the WHITE version on Friday night after working hours and I am surprised that my new Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard was delivered to me on Monday morning! Talk about effectiveness and service – Maybank is the best!!!

So I was excited to see my very first pure white credit card but to my dismay, the card is NOT WHITE but GREENISH!!!

Come on lah you people at Maybank, don’t lah con us – you said it is Black or White but why you give me a damn green card! Might as well make the card green color, Grab Green, and the card will even look better than the off white card you guys are issuing.

Some of you must be wondering why the heck I am so agitated…. well, I really really wanted a PURE WHITE Credit Card as I have too many Black Credit Cards, haha.

Anyway, click on the video below to see live photos and real time no budget video of my new Maybank Grab Platinum Credit Card:

But actually what color is the card is immaterial because like I said, once you link your Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard to your Grab Account, you can keep the card in the drawer because it is useless for anything else, haha.

Anyway I must once again say that Maybank is the best and really freaking efficient.