Convert Your Enrich Miles To As Good As Cash

Some of you may have Enrich Miles expiring soon and wondering what you are going to do with them.

Or some of you don’t even know what to do with your Enrich Miles because you are aware that once you opt to pay using Enrich Miles, we are then given a more expensive ticket option!!!

I tell you, prior to the Covid 19 crisis, I will just buy Malaysia Airlines Economy Class Promo tickets using my AMEX Reserve to earn Treats Points instead of redeeming the same Economy Class ticket using Enrich Miles which is damn stupid because I have to purchase a “more expensive” ticket and thus my Enrich Miles becomes as good as useless!

Many of you have also come to realized just how bad is Enrich Miles’ Frequent Flyer Program and have switch to another Frequent Flyer Program but you are now stuck with Enrich Miles too.

Thanks to one of my Sis, she taught me how to convert our Enrich Miles to as good as cash! Therefore, you also get to benefit where this article will show you what you can do with your Enrich Miles 🙂

STEP 1 – Sign Up For BInfinite

You can download the App from Google Play or Apple App Store.

You can also Sign Up with BInfinite with your computer browser.

Once you sign up with BInfinite, you can convert your Enrich Miles to BPoints which you can then use them at Caltex for petrol or to pay for stuff at 7 Eleven!


  • Log In to your Enrich Account;
  • At the left hand side Menu, click on Points Exchange;
  • Select BInfinite;
  • Enter the amount of Enrich Miles you want converted to BPoints.

Generally, you can convert 600 Enrich Mile to 1000 BPoints.

However, please note that it is stated in the TnC at Malaysia Airlines’ website that we can only convert our Enrich Mile to BPoints until 1st January 2021. And I guess Malaysia Airlines or BInfinite can suka-suka end this promo as and when they like. So, the earlier you convert your Enrich Miles to BPoints the better. Nothing last forever.


The next thing you should do is Sign Up for the FREE FOR LIFE Caltex Journey Card. Just go to any Caltex station and fill in the Application Form and you will be issued the card on the spot!

Generally you need 2500 BPoints to redeem for RM25 worth of Petrol at Caltex.

And until 13th September 2020, there is a promo where you can redeem RM25 worth of petrol for only 2020 BPoints.

However, the Sis who taught me the above method to convert our Enrich Miles to Petrol warned me that not all Caltex Cashier are aware of the above said promo. So make sure you tell the cashier you are using 2020 BPoints for RM25 petrol as per the promo shown!

Click here or the image below to watch my YouTube Tutorial on how to convert your Enrich Miles to BPoints where you can then use the BPoints at 7 Eleven too.

So How Much Is 1 Enrich Mile Worth In This Case

I shall assume that we can earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM1 spent with our Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX.

Also I shall adopt the conversion rate of 2500 BPoints to redeem RM25 Petrol.

Therefore, in order to earn 2500 BPoints, the Enrich Miles required is =

2500 BPoints x (600 Enrich Miles/1000 BPoints) = 1500 Enrich Miles.

In other words, we need 1500 Enrich Miles for RM25 worth of petrol at Caltex

With respect to the above, 1 Enrich Mile is worth RM0.016. Less than 2 sen!!! Hahaha.

But I guess better than burning your soon to expire Enrich Miles away and get nothing.

Anyway, below shows you that you can only convert Enrich Miles at 600 Enrich Miles increments, i.e., 600 EM, 1200 EM, 1800 EM …… up to 6000 EM Mile per time.