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Convert Enrich Points to GrabRewards Points – Is It A Smart Thing To Do?

Enrich Points Promotion To Convert to Grab Rewards Points Campaign Period Until 14 August 2021

If you have been reading your emails from Enrich, you would know that you can convert your Enrich Points to GrabRewards Points.

How to convert Enrich Points to GrabRewards Points?

Just Log In to your Enrich Account and follow the steps shown below:

Enrich Points to GrabRewards Points Conversion Rate

One must use minimum 500 Enrich Points for the conversion and you will only get 350 GrabRewards Points.

However the conversion rate becomes 1:1 when you convert 10,500 Enrich Points to GrabRewards Points.

The question is – is it worth it to convert our Enrich Points (previously called Enrich Miles which sounds more prestigious) to GrabRewards Points?

If you are my disciple of course you know the answer as you have been taught how to calculate how much is one Enrich Point worth.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to learn more….