My Cheap Freaking Cool Gaming Keyboard And Mouse From Lazada.

I seldom purchase stuff online and if I need anything from Lazada, I will ask my wife or daughter to get it for me with their Lazada accounts.

For examples,both my Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 7 and my Samsung M31 were bought from Lazada with my wife’s account.

I was looking for a keyboard cover for my Acer Nitro 5 and managed to get one from China with Lazada. Below is just an example as I can’t remember which seller I bought mine from.

However, Lazada has a stupid game that entices us to spam others to earn money. So, I tried out the game with my wife’s account where I sent an invitation to my own phone to sign up for a Lazada Account.

Well, the Lazada game that promises us FREE money is really bullshit but it has done what it was set up to do, i.e. to make people like me sign up for a Lazada Account with my phone, haha.

So with me having having my own Lazada Account, I have been playing the games inside the Lazada App to earn FREE useless coins BUT more importantly I am hooked to Lazada and amazed with the many cool stuff that we can get at dirt cheap price.

To make sure that I am not getting a fake, I always read the reviews and make sure that the Seller has a good track record. I will not purchase from a Seller which is new to Lazada and/or have yet to receive any comments regardless how cheap the price they are offering. And most of the time, if it is too good to be true, then it is a scam.

And when there is a Flash Sale, we can get really good bargain. For example, I managed to get myself a HP Gaming Mouse HP160 for only RM9.90 on 9th September with FREE shipping too. RM9.90 (less than USD3!!!) for a gaming mouse that changes colour!!! And it is a from a HP Official Licensee and therefore I am not worried that it is a fake.

I then wanted a backlit keyboard but most of the good white backlit keyboards cost more than RM100 and then I came across a gaming backlit keyboard for less than RM50 which had pretty good reviews. Moreover, the seller is from Malaysia and therefore I received the keyboard within 3 working days.

So Bros and Sis, I hereby present to you the video that shows you that the cheap keyboard and super good deal HP mouse that I bought from Lazada where both can change color automatically, which is freaking cool.

For the price I paid for the keyboard (less than USD15) and mouse (less than USD3), I am super happy 🙂