My New Toy – Xiaomi U’REVO U1 WalkingPad Treadmill With English Manual and Malaysia Power Plug

I have basically been a good boy staying at home since 18 March 2020 where our government has told us to stay at home and only go out if necessary. And all I have been doing is Eat, Shit and Sleep and repeat over and over again.

Most of the time when I am awake, I will be in front of my computer monitors (yes I have 3 independent computer screens with me using my Acer Nitro 5 Notebook that has only 1 HDMI output).

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I must admit that I hardly do any exercise that involves me walking, and being stuck at home, I can’t go walking in the malls which I used to do! The only walking I do at home is from the bed to the computer table to the toilet and to my dining table!!!

I used to have a treadmill which was damn bulky and took up space but it stopped working a few years back. I called the company twice and they promised to send their technician but never did.

Anyway, I thought that I better do some walking exercise, I can walk around my house but I wake up at around 11am and by then the sun is burning hot. As for evening 4pm to 6pm, I will usually practice another form of exercise that involves movements to my spinal cord and joints plus breathing fresh air to my lungs which have been contaminated by all the smoking I do when I am in front of my computer monitors.

So I thought I better get a treadmill so that I can do some walking anytime convenient (to be exact not feeling lazy) to me. While searching for the treadmill at Lazada, I came across something that was new to me called WalkingPad, where the Xiaomi models received many good reviews but are mostly being sold by sellers in China.

Walking Pad are compact and some of them are even foldable. Now it is called Walking Pad which means it is only meant for walking and not jogging or running. And this is exactly what I wanted.

I was about to purchase a WalkingPad from a seller in China where I have added it to my cart. But somehow the next day I stumbled upon Xiaomi new WalkingPad called U’REVO U1 at Lazada and it is so much cheaper than Xiaomi’s previous WalkingPads!

For your easy reference so that you can get to see the U’REVO WalkingPad immediately at Lazada, I have taken a few screenshots for you:

As of mid October, there was not a single review of the U’REVO at Dasher’s page, but I have previously bought stuff from Dasher via Lazada and without hesitation I bought the Xiaomi U’REVO from them.

And to my surprise, the Xiaomi U’REVO U1 WalkingPad that was delivered to my home came with an English Manual!!! I have read a review of the UREVO U1 where the author mentioned his manual was in Chinese only. And best of all, it also came with a plug that fits into our Malaysia 3 PIN Power Point!

Below are some photos of my Xiaomi UREVO U1 Treadmill.

The Xioami Walking Pad is damn easy to use. No assembly is required. Just plug and play!

Click here to watch my YouTube to learn more about the Xiaomi UREVO U1 Walking Pad to see how it was packed, what is in the box, how big is it where you will see a lovely young lady using it.

Once again, this is a WalkingPad and therefore not suitable for jogging or running. It is also stated that the unit is for ages 14 to 60 years old!!! There are no bars or handle for you to hold or stabilize yourself and maybe that is why it is not for those above 60 years old who have some stability issues.

And if you would like to read more in detail about the Xiaomi U’REVO U1, click here to an article at The Phone Talks where the author, Roman T, did a fantastic job providing a comprehensive review or the UREVO U1.


Do not let the compact U’REVO U1 fool you into thinking it is light. The front part which houses the motor is damn freaking heavy and therefore not practical to move between levels if you have a multistory home. However with the rollers at the front, moving it within the same level is manageable.

The U’REVO U1 walkpad is compact, slim and sleek unlike a treadmill which is bulky with screen and handles. But a Walkingpad is only good for walking.

Basically this compact U’REVO WalkingPad is suitable for lazy people like me where I find it a hassle to change outfits to go out (I can even walk on it with my pajamas but it is advisable that you wear shoes) and perfect for the ladies who melt under the sun (“puteri lilin”) but want to keep fit and hit their daily goal step counts, hahaha.


A person posted at my YouTube the following:

So I decided to take a photo of one of the pages in the manual in case anyone else needs the info.