The Best Top 5 Credit Cards For Petrol & Groceries in Malaysia 2021


Petrol and/or Groceries are essential expenses and by using the right credit cards, we can save/earn some money.

As most of you know, the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards AMEX is one of the best, if not the best cash back credit card in Malaysia, where you can practically earn yourself 5% cash back on weekends for almost any type of transaction except for Government, Utilities and topping up eWallets.

However, if you do spend close to RM1K per month with the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum on other essential expenses such as groceries, UNIFI, Celcom Postpaid, Maxis Postpaid, DiGi Postpaid, Touch n Go, Astro and makan (including FAVE and GrabFood too), then you have nothing left for petrol.

Today, with eWallets and eVouchers, the game plan to save/earn from Petrol expenses has changed for many including me. In addition to just using our credit cards to pump petrol directly at the pump terminals, I also utilize eWallets’ promos for Petrol.

eWallets Cash Back for Petrol

Nowadays, many eWallets offer some sort of cash back promos for Petrol too. By topping up your eWallets with the right credit cards to earn Reward Points or Cash Back and then use the eWallet to earn additional Cash Back for petrol, effectively we can earn much more in return compared to using our credit cards for pumping petrol! Below is a past promo at TnG eWallet:

TnG Shell Promo 10% cash back

Petrol eVouchers

Another way to earn more in returns from our petrol expenses is to purchase Petrol eVouchers Online (e.g. from Lazada or Shopee and etc) where we get discounts.

For example:

There is a RM20 Petronas Cash Voucher being offered at Lazada for RM19. This is equivalent to 5% cash back.

You then use your Public Bank Quantum MasterCard to purchase the RM20 Petronas eVoucher above for RM19 and you will earn another RM0.95 in cash back.

Therefore in total you will earn RM1.95 for the RM20 Petronas Cash eVoucher – which means you earned 9.75% cash back!!! This is called Double Dip 🙂 And since you may also earn Reward Points from your Petrol Card (for Shell it is Bonus Link), you are Triple Dipping!

Below is a previous example I shared with you guys about the Petronas eVoucher which can be purchased online and you can even earn more cash back with ShopBack (or similar 3rd party cash back websites) too.

Cash Back at Petronas

FREE Petrol & Groceries eVouchers

We can also earn FREE Petrol and Groceries eVouchers from eWallets. Below is an example at Boost:

Boost Coins Can Redeem for what Petrol and Groceries

Click here to watch my YouTube video tutorial showing you how I used the FREE money for Petrol or Groceries Wallet at Boost. Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and tap/click on the “Bell” icon so that you will be notified of new videos.

Having said the above, for those who have high petrol and/or groceries expenses, using a credit card is more convenient and practical.

Without further ado, I am pleased to present to you The Best Top 5 Credit Cards in Malaysia 2021 for Petrol and/or Groceries.

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