Standard Chartered Bank SMART Visa Credit Card Review

RM100 in Cash Back Per Month

SCB claims you can earn RM100 per month with the SMART Credit Card….

After reading SCB’s website on what this super SMART Visa card is about, basically the standard feature is that you can earn MAXIMUM RM20 cash back per month only!!! Who the heck is going to keep this card after the first year? Yes, apply for it and earn RM200 but then again there are other better cash back credit cards from SCB which you can also apply.

Now, in order to earn so called 6% cash back with Astro, Joox, iQIYI, Netflix, Playstation, Spotify and Steam, you need to spend RM1K in total a month with the super SMART Visa! But you only earn max RM20 which means you only earn 2%!!!

Sometimes, I think the foreign banks are taking us for fools as if we do not know how to calculate.

I tell you, just go get the Public Bank Quantum MasterCard which is FREE FOR LIFE without any condition and you are guaranteed to earn 5% cash back for Astro, Joox, iQIYI, Netflix, Playstation, Spotify and Steam with any amount spend (up to combined max RM600).

As for the remaining RM80 per month cash back, it is a limited time promo and not guaranteed but based on first come first serve basis for 3 different categories with separate cash back quota!

Below in italic are parts from the 30% Cash Back Promo TnC:

Eligible Cardholders are entitled participate in the 30% Cash Back Campaign for the first 6 calendar months from the month of approval of the Smart Card. The approval of the Smart Card must be during the Campaign period. In other words, if your SMART Visa is approved in May 2021 and beyond, then you better check what us being offered.

Eligible Spend Criteria must be made by the end of each calendar month and posted to the Eligible Cardholder’s credit card account(s) to be included towards meeting the Eligible Spend Criteria for the campaign month. Please note that transactions may be posted by the merchant as late as 30 days after the transaction date. The Bank will not be held responsible for late posting. In other words, it resets every 1st of the month.

I strongly recommend that you visit SCB website and read the full TnC and understand them.

However, I must say, 30% cash back with RM15 monthly cash back cap, one only needs to spend RM50 to max out! Just spend RM50 at Lazada and top up RM50 to your eWallet and you will earn RM30. Fantastic!

The SCB SMART VISA is definitely the best credit card for eWallet in Malaysia for those whose application was approved prior to May 2021….. but only if you are the first 4000.

In respect to the above paragraphs, I would say that if your SCB Smart Visa application is approved before 30th April 2021, then your SCB Smart Visa is:

  • The No.1 Best Cash Back Credit Card on every 1st of the month for 6 months (because then your chances are higher since it is for the first 4000) for spending exactly RM50 with Lazada or Shopee (choose one only) ; and
  • The No.1 Best Cash Back Credit Card on every 1st of the month for 6 months (because then your chances are higher since it is for the first 4000) for topping up exactly RM50 to Boost or Grab or TnG eWallet (choose one only).

As for the Travel Category, you can earn max RM50 per month but it is only eligible for the first 500!!! Anyway, does the people at SCB know that WHO has declared a Pandemic and there is currently a world crisis and we can’t even leave our country to go holidaying? Wait, the people at SCB are super smart and sure lah they know, so I guess they throw in this category so that they can claim that you can earn RM100 cash back every month, hahaha.

In respect to the above, I recommend that you listen to our Health DG who twitted – Stay At Home! Remember, WHO declared that there is a pandemic, which means no where on earth is safe! Until we have won the war against the damn virus, do not lah be entice by a mere RM50 cash back and go book hotel rooms to jalan-jalan and catch the deadly virus and you then pass it to someone which may not be able to fight it.

Conclusion, if you are currently holding a SCB credit card, you should check if you are eligible for the FREE RM200 signing up offer, if YES go get it! FREE money 🙂

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