Standard Chartered Bank SMART Visa Credit Card Review

Standard Chartered Bank just introduced a new credit card called SMART. One thing for sure, Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC credit cards are kind of complicated (so they are only good for smart people) where they have this and that conditions applied in order to earn cash back unlike our local GLC banks’ cash back credit cards which are straight forward and guarantee that we earn cash back every time when using it for the right category.

So one has to be pretty smart to max out the cash back with a SCB credit card; therefore, SCB credit cards are not for me, the average Joe. But let’s see if I am smart enough to figure out the benefits of the latest credit card by SCB.

The RM200 Cash Back for new sign up applies to most SCB credit card.

WOW! SCB claims that the cardholder can earn RM100 cash back per month with the SMART Visa. Sounds fantastic…….. but usual lah, we must read the TnC especially when it comes to foreign banks.

As usual, SCB credit cards are not FREE. Principal Card annual fee RM120. The first year annual fee is waived and the subsequent years waived with minimum spend of RM12,000 per annum. However, from past records, SCB and HSBC suka-suka change the TnC for thier cards’ annual fee waiver.

Minimum annual income: RM36,000 p.a.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to find out if you can really earn RM100 per month.