FREE Money With Lazada App Daily Reward

I have produced many tutorials on how you can earn FREE Shopee Coins which can be used to pay up to 25% of your bills or prepaid top up.

Click here to read to my latest article on Shopee FREE Stuff titled How To Earn Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream , Pizza & Noodles – FREE Is The BEST! And in this article you will see link to many other related tutorials on how to earn FREE Shopee Coins and Food too!

And if you are a Lazada App fan, you will also know you can earn FREE Money Daily with the Lazada App. But if you are not aware, I am going to teach you how to earn FREE Money with the Lazada App which you can use to offset payments for essential stuff but not for bills.

To earn FREE Money DAILY at Lazada App, all you need to do is tap on Daily Reward at the Home Screen.

The amount that you are rewarded for Checking In varies and most of the time is can be RM0.10 and sometimes more than RM1. With you checking in daily to earn FREE Money, soon the amount will balloon to RM40 and this is when you can withdraw and use the FREE Money to pay for stuff (essential stuff like hair care, supplements, hygiene care) and etc)!!!

Below is a screenshot from my phone where I have collected RM33.33 and you can see it is stated that I have been checking in for the last 58 days. Today and yesterday I was rewarded with RM1 for simply checking in!!!

Once again, you only can withdraw when the amount collected is RM40 or more. And after you withdraw, you have few days to make use of the free money before it expires.

And the best part of the Lazada Daily Reward FREE Money is that IT IS STACK ABLE with Cash Vouchers redeemed, e.g. from Hotlink!!!

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