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Hong Leong Bank 0% Balance Transfer – It Is So Freaking Easy To Earn Free Money

This article is for those who are really really disciplined in controlling spending their money and are into the habit of saving money, i.e. save at least 10% of their monthly salary/income. If you have no savings and finding it hard to stay afloat, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE as you will definitely 100% be kidding yourself that you are going to earn FREE Money because you are sure to end up deeper in the shit hole of debt!

If you are new to my blog, first thing you should do is click here now and read my FREE Credit Card Tutorial 2018 where you will be taught the basics of owning a credit card and most important of all, not to be tricked into the bottomless shit hole of debt.

After you have read the above, please click here to my Balance Transfer Plan Tutorial 2016 where you will be taught:

  • How you can benefit from 0% Balance Transfer Plans – (1) To Earn FREE Pocket Money or (2) To Save On Interest Charges on your existing credit card Outstanding Balances.
  • Pros and Cons of Balance Transfer Plans offered by various banks. Other than you needing to repay the 0% Balance Transfer, the other most important thing to remember before signing up with a Balance Transfer Plan is that you should choose one where the Repayment is in Equal Installments.
  • If you refuse to follow my advise above and go sign up with say HSBC Balance Transfer Plan, you may be imposed interest on your new transactions as you are deemed to have Outstanding Debt in your HSBC Credit Card Account. Or in HLB Balance Transfer Plan, you are sure to be imposed some interest charges with their 0% BT because you can only settle the full Outstanding BT Amount a day after it expires or else you will be penalized!

Only after you have read the above two tutorials, then proceed to read the rest of the contents below.

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