Hotlink Prepaid – How To Earn FREE Money From Thin Air

Recently I showed you How To Activate Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 And SIM Active 365 Days Period – Click here to read it.

What the above means is any current Hotlink Prepaid plan can be converted to 365 Days Validity. And if you want to earn more FREE Money from Lazada or Shopee, the Hotlink 365 Days is an excellent option.

If you are a die hard follower and have access to all my articles, you will know that I do earn FREE Money from Hotlink too.

Ways To Earn FREE Money from Hotlink.

Topping Up

When you top up to Hotlink, you can use the Credit in Hotlink to purchase Cash Vouchers at discounted price, e.g. 5% discount for Lazada and Grab Voucher.

The key is how you top up! Best if you can top up your Hotlink Prepaid for FREE AND at the same time earn something in addition!

For example, if you top up your Hotlink during Grab Power Up, you can earn 30X Grab Rewards Points! In this case you need to use GrabPay but you earn 30X GrabRewards Points.

Another example, you can also use the GrabPay RM10 or RM20 Online Cash Voucher (redeemed from Points Back) to top up your Hotlink via 3rd party website – where you can earn more GrabRewards Points OR use your GrabRewards Points to offset the payment (top up for FREE).

Click here to read more about Grab Points Back and Power Up where you can earn 30X GrabRewards Points.

You can also redeem Hotlink Top Up Voucher from Grab App directly but this may not allow you to optimize compared to the 2 examples above where you can earn FREE Money; BUT if you really do not know what to do with your GrabRewards Points (i.e. no bills to pay) then this option may be good.

As you can see from above, Grab App and Hotlink combination is a fantastic method to earn/save you more.

Check In Daily at your Hotlink App

Step 1 – Tap on REWARDS at the bottom of the Hotlink Prepaid App

Step 2 – At the Bottom Right click on Points

Step 3 – Claim BOTH Reward Points

Step 4 – Check all the offers including HOTDEALS daily.

Now, the Hotlink Reward Points reset on 1st of each month. Therefore it is imperative that you Check In Daily to accumulate FREE Points. As you can observe from above image, the Shopee RM10 Cash Voucher only needed 150 Points, which is achecvable monthly.

Anyway, starting 1st of next month, make sure you keep Checking In Daily and with time you will be an expert earning FREE Money at Hotlink Prepaid App 🙂