Must Have Handbags For Women Part 3 – My Wife’s New Hermes Handbag

My Wife’s New Hermes Herbag Zip 31 Black Berline Canvas

My wife was not interested in the Garden Party or Evelyne and therefore did not ask to look at them.

The first bag that was shown to her was a black Picotin Lock 26. However, I commented that the bag allows easy access to pick pockets and therefore my wife took a miss as she knows that I do not like bags which are not able to be closed/zipped up.

As for the Lindy, my wife was unsure of the colour in etoupe.

But the moment the Sales Advisor showed her the Herbag Zip 31, she fell in love with it immediately because:

  1. The Herbag Zip 31 was in all black (front) and not 2 tones like most Herbags. FYI there was another Herbag with black leather and blue canvas which did not interest her.
  2. It has the Berline leather which has a coating and therefore she can use it without worrying about getting caught in the rain with the Herbag.
  3. She loves the shape.
  4. It has a zip compartment in the rear where she can have easy access to her phone and keys.
  5. And more importantly she knows I approve of the bag because it can be closed securely and therefore I won’t be nagging her about carrying a bag that attracts pick pockets, hahaha.

Well, I was happy that my wife chose the Hermes Herbag Zip 31 as I told you I dislike “open” bags where pick pockets have easy access. And because the Hermes Herbag was the cheapest bag among the bags my wife have the opportunity to purchase from the Hermes Boutique, I saved some money too 🙂

While we were at the Hermes Boutique, my wife also tried several twillies and in the end chose one that was multicolored with black background so that the bag can easily match any of her outfits.

Once again, below in my wife’s new Hermes Herbag Zip 31 Black Berline Canvas which has a coating to make it easier to maintain and not having to worry on a rainy day.

And if you look carefully, there is a “H” at the end of the zip.

You should share this article and also my YouTube video on the Unboxing and Mod Shots of the Hermes Herbag to enable others to know that the Herbag Zip 31 comes with coated canvas called Berline where the person does not need to be concerned when it rains unlike the Military Officier Canvas version which will get wet.

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