One Piece Luffy Seiko 5 Limited Edition With Special Box

Made In Malaysia Automatic Watch Movement

As you can observe from the image below, the automatic movement of the Seiko 5 is Made In Malaysia 🙂

And the photos below show that not only is the watch beautiful but the box that came with it is really unique.

I tell you, the photos and video of the Seiko 5 One Piece Luffy Limited Edition presented above do not do justice to the watch because it is really nice in real life.

I doubt this watch will appreciate much in value, the reason I bought it was simply because it is an One Piece Luffy Limited Edition and to shiok sendiri knowing that I have one, hahaha. I won’t be wearing this watch as I have too many damn watches, most probably I will give it to someone who is a fan of Luffy too 🙂

If you are a die hard follower of mine and you want to share your Seiko 5, please send me a photo of it and maybe I will start a new Page on Seiko 5 just like I did for Rolex and G-Shocks.

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I do have an All Black Citizen Automatic watch which I do love except that it is a hassle to adjust the day and date (that’s why I love G-Shock with Bluetooth where everything is automatic adjusted when connected to my smart phone). But I can tell you this, even if I do not wear this watch for more than a year and just leave it in my room table, it is still ticking – which means it needs just some lighting to power it! And this Citizen Light Powered watch is much cheaper than a Seiko 5 too.

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Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Versus Seiko 5 Limited Edition One Piece

As you see below, my new Seiko 5 One Piece Luffy size is almost similar to my Rolex GMT Master II

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Automatic Versus Seiko 5 Limited Edition One Piece Automatic Versus G-Shock Red Heritage Solar Powered

All 3 watches below do not require me to go to the shop to have batteries replaces every one or 2 years 🙂