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One Piece Luffy Seiko 5 Limited Edition With Special Box

Bros & Sis, previously I shared with you that I was so excited when I found out that Seiko was issuing a Limited Edition One Piece Series and the model I wanted was Luffy.

Click here to read I Am Going To Get A New Toy – The Seiko 5 Sports One Piece Limited Edition.

As I mentioned in the above article, Seiko 5 is a very affordable automatic watch. And I have told you years ago that nowadays I only buy automatic or solar watches so that I do not need to waste time going to the shop to change batteries.

Well I ore-ordered the Seiko 5 One Piece Luffy model in December and collected it recently 🙂

Without further ado, click here to my YouTube Chanel to watch the Unboxing of My New Toy – Seiko 5 One Piece Luffy Limited Edition.

Please click here to Page 2 for my comments and also you get to see photos of my Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II versus my new Seiko 5 Luffy versus my favorite G-Shock Red Heritage