My Disciple’s Live Travel Report Finnair Business Class Singapore To Helsinki On Airbus 350-900 April 2022

Bros & Sis, I am pleased to present to you the first Live Travel Report for 2022 and more to come.

Today’s Live Travel Report is by a Bro was has flown First Class and Business Class with many airlines including Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar and Emirates too. Below are his First Class reports:

Ever since he attended my first CNY Gathering in 2019, he has been earning air miles from thin air and more importantly he has been taught by me on how to get guaranteed First Class tickets to anywhere on earth.

Below is the CNY Gathering back in Jan 2019 with my Air Miles Disciples πŸ™‚


Today I will present the Bro’s Live Travel Report Singapore to Helsinki with Finnair Business Class on Airbus A350-900.

This is the first Live Travel Report on Finnair. Since the Bro has flown with SIA, MAS, Qatar an Emirates, he decided to try other airlines to gather more fond memories.

Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge 2022

First the good news, the Bro reported that Malayisa Airlines Golden Lounge at the Satellite Terminal is open πŸ™‚

He had to fly to Singapore to catch the Finnair flight to Helsinki.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to see the Finnair Business Class report πŸ™‚