My Kids’ Show Of Love To My Wife For Mother’s Day

Unboxing My Wife’s New Toy

Below are photos of the unboxing of what my 5 children got for my wife for Mother’s Day:

My wife has been wanting the YSL Clutch in Beige for sometime now but I refused to buy it for her because I already spoiled her with both Hermes and Chanel handbags just a few months ago in addition to getting her a Kelly Belt.

Therefore, she was very happy that her children got her the YSL Clutch in Beige.

Looks like I now have to compete with my kids in showering love to my wife, hahahaha.

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For my children, RM6K gift for their mother is nothing as when the price of the gift is divided by 5 (including my daughter in-law where she will insists on paying her share), it will cost them less than AUD399 per person. Some of you know the story that my second son was even willing to pay for my wife’s Mini Chanel Rectangular Flap Bag (costing about RM19K) with his first paycheck!

So with my kids working now and their salaries combined much much more than my annual income, I now have to compete with them to shower my wife with love.

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