My Kids’ Show Of Love To My Wife For Mother’s Day

My four kids have graduated from universities and earning big bucks (when converted to RM); therefore, they can afford to buy “expensive” stuff for their mother. And now my wife and I have 5 kids as we have been blessed with a beautiful and smart daughter in-law.

Early this year, my kids shared and bought my wife a Dyson AirWrap. Click here to read My Wife’s New Toy – Unboxing Dyson Airwrap Red.

Ever since my children bought my wife the Dyson Airwrap for her birthday, she now only will blow her hair with it! She won’t use the old cheap hair dryer that we have been using for years, hahaha. I myself am not bothered to try out the Dyson Airwrap and still use the old hair dryer which does the job to dry my hair.

Not only my children can afford to buy expensive gifts for my wife but they have also been taking us out for makan occasionally. My daughter in-law has insisted that she pays for dinner on several occasions. Therefore I get to makan for FREE 🙂

Well last weekend was Mother’s Day and once again my kids showered their mother with love by getting her a gift that they knew she wanted 🙂

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