My Kids’ Show Of Love To My Wife For Mother’s Day

The Price Of Luxury Goods Just Keep Shooting Up

Early this year, many of you who participated in my Must Have Handbags Series were told that you must get the YSL Clutch asap because the price just keeps shooting up and in no time it would cost more than RM5K.

In respect to the above, a few of you actually messaged me to thank me for the article where they bought the YSL Clutch for their wife and all of them told me that their wife love the YSL Clutch.

Actually I did buy the YSL Clutch in Black, but not for my wife but my daughter in-law because I was so happy with her.

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In the above said article, I showed you at my YouTube channel how you can convert the YSL Clutch into a Wallet On Chain plus many Mod Shots of the YSL Clutch converted to Wallet On Chain and because of its size, it is perfect for a night out in style.

Those of you who listened to me and bought the YSL Clutch when I told you to do so are going to be very happy to know that in addition to showering your wife with love, you have saved money!

The price of the YSL Clutch has increased! And it won’t be the last time and soon it will cost more than RM5K for a YSL Clutch and you will be damn grateful that you listened to me, hahaha.