My Disciple’s Live Travel Report With Emirates First Class On Airbus A380 Zurich to Dubai August 2022

As I told you guys, one by one of My Air Miles Disciples are experiencing Emirates First Class for FREE 🙂

A Bro just submitted his Live Travel Report Zurich to Dubai on the Airbus A380. He is the same Bro who gave us his Live Travel Report on Emirates Business Class Singapore to Dubai and then on the NEW Suite on Emirates Boeing777.

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Previously he flew on the Emirates Boeing 777 NEW Suite but he did not order the Hennessy Paradis but I have told you all, the Emirates First Class experience is incomplete if you do not try the Heneessy Paradis for FREE, haha.

Once again, click here to see the price of the Hennessy Paradis which is being sold at Sunway Pyramid.

So this time, when the Bro flew on Emirates First Class, he ordered the Heneessy Paradis 🙂

Without further ado, click here or scroll down to Page 2 to read the Bro’s Live Travel Report which he even took a video of the shower 🙂

Yes, with the Emirates Airbus A380, First Class passengers are able to experience taking a shower in the air!