Revision to Affin Bank Duo Visa Cash Back TnC Effective 12 September 2022

Time flies, the Affin Duo Visa was launched back in August 2020 and immediately I recommended it to cash back fans because it earns the cardholder 3% for Insurance and also for topping up eWallets.

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Then in less than a year, in July 2022 Affin Bank announced revision to their cash back mechanism where one may not get 3% cash back.

Click here to read the Revision to Affin Bank Duo Visa cash back mechanism July 2021.

Most of you who holds the Affin Duo are very clear by now how the cash back mechanism works as it has been a year since it took effect.

Now the bad news, effective 12th September 2022, the cash back for topping up eWallets with your Affin Duo Visa is capped at RM50 per month!

In respect to the above, September is just around the corner and some of you may need to re-plan now on how you are going to utilize the Affin Duo Visa to allow you to continue earning RM80 per month.

Anyway, Affin Bank is still very generous unlike Maybank and Public Bank where we no longer earn anything for topping up eWallet with their cards. I wonder how long it would last before the management of Affin Bank realizes how much they losing yearly OR more importantly, the cash back for topping up eWallets with the Affin Duo Visa encourage those who are in short of cash to enter deeper the shit hole of debt!

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