Revisions To Public Bank Quantum And Visa Signature Cash Back – You Can Terminate Them Effective 1st October 2022

Nothing last forever but credit card issuers revise their credit cards’ benefits in a blink of an eye, haha

In February 2022, Public Bank revised the TnC for their Cash Back Credit Cards – click here to read it.

Well, I thought that the above mentioned revisions will stay at least until next year February 2023 but boy, I am wrong!

Public Bank just announced another revision to the Cash Back TnC for the Visa Signature and Quantum MasterCard and Visa!!!

Visa Signature Cash Back Feature Effective 1st October 2022

Well, you get 3% which is pretty good BUT it is capped at RM30 per month!!! This is a Visa Signature which means it is a Premier Credit Card but because of the cash back cap of RM30, this card is a joke!!! And to make matter worst, Public Bank makes it a big hassle to keep track on using the card as you only earn the 3% cash back for transaction(s) of minimum RM100.

I tell you, the annual income for the PBB Visa Signature is still RM80K per year, which means the cardholders can apply for many other better credit cards that earn them more!

The only reason why I would think anyone would want the PBB VS after 1st October 2022 is because of the 2X Complimentary Access to Malaysia Plaza Premium Lounge Access. And this is assuming that this so called Privilege is not remove anytime soon,

Public Bank Quantum MasterCard and Visa

2% cash back capped at RM20 per month and you need minimum RM100 transaction to earn the 2% cash back. But with the cash back capped at RM20 per month, I tell you, no need to waste your bloody time.

Worst nothing for local online transactions!!!

Terminate the Public Bank Quantum MasterCard and Visa credit cards and you can save RM50 (2xRM25 SST) instantly, hahaha.


Looks like Public Bank cash back credit cards will be as good as useless effective 1st October 2022.

I don’t know what the management of Public Bank is thinking but they are going to experience a tremendous decrease of their credit card holder base soon…. or maybe it is their intention to cut out the smart people like you who read my blog and they only want those who are in the shit hole of debt making them richer.

As for the Public Bank Islamic credit cards that earns you 4% cash back…. you think how long before the cash back will be reduced to as good as useless?