Now Is The Best Time To Go To London

The British Pound took a beating recently when the new Treasurer announced tax cuts and would borrow more….. not so good for UK as Energy Prices are in USD but good for us Malaysians who are in UK now holidaying 🙂

If you see the chart below, in 2015, GBP/MYR was 6.5!!! Today it is less tan 5 🙂

To give you an idea how the low British Pound can benefit us:

The price of a Chanel Medium Classic in Malaysia today (September 2022) is RM39,460

On the other hand the price of the same Chanel Medium Classic is GBP7,550 in UK.

So based on GBP/MYR less than 5, this means when converted to Ringgit it is equivalent to RM37,750 (GBP7,550 x 5). So the price of the Chanel Medium Classic Black is about RM2K cheaper!

Now the above price is not Duty FREE but tax included and today we cannot get any tax (VAT) refund at the airport BUT there is a Chanel Boutique inside Heathrow after immigration which is Duty FREE!!! What this means is you may get the Classic Chanel even cheaper!!!

CORRECTION – after I published this article, my wife told me she read that Chanel also no more Duty FREE inside Heathrow – please check and let me know the price of the Medical Classic Chanel if you are there.

Below is another example for Remy Martin XO which is now selling at a ridiculous price at Eraman Duty FREE at KLIA where the 1L bottle is selling for more than RM1K!

On the other hand, the same Remy Martin XO 1L is selling for GBP155 only at Heathrow Duty FREE. GBP155x5 = RM775 only!

So from the above, if you are going to London, it is a great time to shop for luxury goods before new stock in and the price adjusted for the weak British Pound.

As for Euro, below chart will give you some idea where from a high of abour EUR/MYR 5, is has dropped to below 4.5 or about 10%.