Have You Been Earning FREE Money For Years From My Tutorials?

For years I have taught many of you how to earn FREE Money from credit cards and eWallets and two of them are Lazada Daily Rewards and Shopee Coins where we do not need to spend a sen to earn FREE Money.

However, Lazada has revised their Daily Reward from RM40 FREE Money to pay for anything to RM20 Cash Voucher where we need to spend RM120 (excluding bills this time around), still not bad as we can save max 16% and an earn additional 5% cash back if we use our Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum AMEX.

Shopee Coins on the other hand has a capped of RM30 to offset payment but there is no minimum spending to utilize the FREE Shopee Coins.

We also can get FREE Money from Boost and Grab. Actually the Maybank Grab Platinum MasterCard is a wonderful credit card if you are a Grab User.

However I must warn you, avoid using Pay Later with the above mentioned Apps/Sites because once you break your principle to be in debt, there is no turning back but you will be sucked into the spiraling shit hole of debts! Seriously, BNM should ban all these Pay Later rubbish because people who utilize Pay Later or those who have money issues and the Pay Later will just make them poorer!

Anyway, in view of the current skyrocketing inflation, I have decided to teach once again on another App not mentioned above to assist the Rakyat to cope with the high cost of living.

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