Get Your New Eraman Privilege Card Before You Fly

Last month I flew into KLIA and dropped by Eraman Duty FREE with the intention to get a bottle of Cognac and a bottle of Whisky for my upcoming gathering with my super die hard followers.

Well I was shocked…..

First, there was not a single bottle of Macallan! The entire shelf was empty!

Then I saw the price of Hennessy XO and Martell XO and was shocked to see both has inflated to more than RM1.3K per bottle for the 1L! And then I saw a special edition box for the Remy Martin XO 70cl and decided to get it.

I then asked a staff if I get any discount with the Eraman Privilege Member Card and she said yes, 10% for liquor. But when I showed her my Eraman card, it had expired BUT the lady said she will give me the discount (turned out she was the supervisor). So in the end I bought the Remy Martin XO 70cl and a bottle of Chivas Chivas Regal Mizunara 70cl where the total for both bottles was just below RM1K.

Anyway, I just googled Chivas Regal Mizunara and basically is that Chivas used Mizunara Oak Cask.

Anyway, if you are flying soon, just go and apply for the Eraman Privilege Card, it is FREE. All you need to do is visit Eraman Duty FREE website to apply for the card.

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