CIMB Travel MasterCard – You Better Read The TnC

If you previously hold a CIMB Enrich Credit Card, it would now be converted to the Travel MasterCard.

The CIMB Travel MasterCard Credit Cards are pretty good as CIMB is offering Promotional Bonus Points until end of 2023 for the World Elite Card.

As for airport lounges access, you better read the spending requirement for the World and Platinum Travel Card.

If you are my die hard follower, you would have been trained to read the TnC and never assume anything.

Below are parts of the TnC from this link (when I was drafting this – it is stated Updated 13 December 2022!).

Retail spending transaction shall mean purchase transactions for goods and services including online purchases for goods and services incurred for personal consumption and not for business purposes and shall not include betting or gaming transactions. For the avoidance of doubt the following transactions shall also not be treated as eligible retail spending transactions for the purposes of earning Bonus Points:-

a) Cash advances, cash withdrawals, cash deposits and/or betting or gaming transactions;
(b) Retail transactions in respect of purchases of petrol, diesel and any other purchases made at the petrol kiosk;
(c) Retail transactions which are disputed by the Cardholder;
(d) Payment of the annual fees or service charges, delivery charges, cash payments, card replacement fee, government service tax, dispute charges, fraud charges, interest/finance/profit charges/facility charges for CIMB Islamic Credit Card, cash advance fees, processing fees, or any other kind of fees and/or penalties whether imposed by CIMB or otherwise;
(e) MyDebit transactions;
(f) Instalment payment plan transactions;
(g) Auto billing transactions (not applicable to Strategic Card Alliance Programme and e Credit Card);
(h) Payments to charity under designated MCC 8398-Charitable and social service organisations (not applicable to CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite-i Credit Card);
(i) Any government related payments under designated MCC below: –
9211 Court costs, including alimony and child support
9222 Fines
9223 Bail and bond payments
9311 Tax payments
9399 Government services
9402 Postal services – government only
9405 Intra-Government Purchases-Government only
(j) JomPAY and/or FPX transactions.

There is also another link here with more TnC!!! Below are parts of the TnC:

“Eligible Transaction(s)” refers to the total Ringgit Malaysia (RM) amount of retail spending transaction (within and outside Malaysia) charged to the Eligible Card which is reflected on the Eligible Card’s account statement respectively during the Campaign Period. For avoidance of doubt, any transactions transacted in currency other than Ringgit Malaysia (RM) or is a DCC transaction will be calculated based on RM
equivalent of the transacted sum which will be converted at the prevailing exchange rate determined by CIMB. The following transactions are herein expressly excluded and shall not be treated as an Eligible Transaction(s): –
i) Cash advance/withdrawal/deposit transactions;
ii) Quasi cash transactions – (example: betting and/or gaming transactions);
iii) Monthly installments under any installment payment facility provided by CIMB or any other financial institutions or funds transfer from other Financial Institutions;
iv) Payment of annual fees or service charges, delivery charges, cash payments, card replacement fees, dispute charges, fraud charges or any other fees, charges or penalties whether imposed by CIMB or otherwise;
v) Eligible Retail Transaction which is subsequently cancelled or refunded, or any other disputed, unauthorized or fraudulent transactions; and/or

vi) Any transaction made in the country which is a member of the European Economic Community (EEC) or European Union (EU).

What the hell is item vi above???

Then there is another TnC here on 8X Bonus Points – click here.

Once again take note of auto-billing.

As for items a, b, c and d, it may have been covered in the first TnC presented earlier and that;s why it is stated we won’t earn 8X Bonus Points.

Also take note on the clause on Petrol. So for Petrol use your Maybank AMEX 🙂

So once again Bros & Sis, always read the TnC!