Fly Singapore Airlines Suite Class, Which Is Beyond First Class Before You Regret Big Time For Not Listening To Me

If you are My Air Miles Disciples, you will know that I have reiterated over and over again that you are to experience Singapore Airlines Suite Class and not Business Class or even their First Class!!!

The Singapore Airlines Suite on Airbus A380 is beyond First Class on the Boeing 777; BUT you may need the same number of KrisFlyer Miles if you were to redeem either the Suite Class or First Class on Advantage Option!!! Example you need 225.5K KrisFlyer Miles regardless if you were to redeem an Advantage Suite Class or First Class to London!!!

It is very tough to redeem a Saver Ticket for Suite Class nowadays but pretty easy for First Class to London.

Anyway, on 22nd November 2022, Singapore Airlines recently announced some changes…. click here to read Singapore Airlines To Ramp Up East And South East Asia Network, Increase Airbus A380 Services To Australia. Below are parts from the announcements:

Melbourne will get a new daily A380 service and Sydney will get a second daily A380 service.

The A380 will return to Melbourne after almost four years on 16 May 2023, while Sydney will receive a second daily A380 from 17 May 2023. The A380 will replace the 777-300ER on SQ237 from Singapore to Melbourne, and the return service SQ228. SIA will also operate the A380 on SQ221 from Singapore to Sydney and the return flight SQ232, instead of the A350-900 medium-haul.

From 26 March 2023, the Airline will operate SQ892 and SQ893, a daily service between Singapore and Hong Kong SAR, using the A380 aircraft.

From 15 May 2023, SIA will operate the Boeing 777-300ER on SQ26 and SQ25, the daily Singapore-Frankfurt-New York (JFK) service, instead of the Airbus A380. SIA’s 777-300ER aircraft offer First Class cabins, which include the full roster of the Airline’s world-class products and amenities.

Pre-Covid, a few of you listened to me where you used your KrisFlyer Miles to redeem the old Suite Class to or from Europe where we needed about 110K KrisFlyer Miles only with the Saver Option. Today, the old Suite Class is history and those who experienced it are blessed and those who were stubborn where they redeemed Business Class tickets instead are regretting big time, haha.

I have told you all over and over again that nothing last forever. Pre-Covid we could easily redeem up to 3 pax Suite Class to/from Europe with 110K KrisFlyer Miles per pax.

The thing is this, ALL Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) will inflate the miles required to the same destination over time PLUS also our credit card issuers will also inflate their redemption program!

Pre-Covid, a return Singapore Airlines Old Suite Class to London cost about RM38K and we can easily get the Saver Option where we only needed 220K KrisFlyer Miles. And that time we can earn 1 KF Mile for every RM1 spent with our Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve. What this means is we get equivalent 17% returns!!!

Today, a return Suite Class on A380 KL/London will cost us about RM43K.

Today, in order to redeem Suite Class on Airbus A380 to London, we need to redeem an Advantage ticket; therefore, we will need 451K KF Miles for a return KL/London Suite Class. So with the price tag of RM43K, this works out to 0.0953 per KF Miles. HOWEVER, today we earn 1 KF Mile with every RM1.40 spent with the Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve. This works out to 6.85% equivalent returns!!!

Like I told you guys, time is of the essence, and the sooner you had followed my instruction to the dot, you will benefit more.

Once again, pre-covid, we could easily get OLD Suite Class Changi/London, which is still beyond First Class, and we could get about 17% returns. But because of inflation by both Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and Maybank Treat Points Redemption Programs, today we are getting about 6.85% returns only!!!

You can also experience Singapore Airlines Suite Class to Australia. Below shows the price of a return flight KL/Sydney:

We will need a total of 310K KrisFlyer Miles for the above return KL/Sydney on Suite Class. Therefore the returns we will get from our Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve = 5.8% (RM25,475/310000 KF x 1KF Miles/RM1.40 spent x 100%). Bros and Sis, today we are only getting 5.8% returns only from Suite Class to Australia!!!

Bull Shit Method to Calculate Returns

Of course some dishonest people will tell you differently from above. They will trick you into believing you will earn more in returns – where they will use a one way ticket price!!!

All commercial airlines inflate their one-way ticket price!!! Sometimes you will find that a return ticket price is cheaper than a one way ticket price – I am not kidding and I have shown this to many of My Air Miles Disciples.

Below is a method used by many to fool themselves or fool others into thinking they are getting more in returns from their credit card reward points.

Trick No.1 to inflate ticket price – Instead of selecting departing from KL, they will select Singapore where the ticket will cost more compared to departing from Malaysia!!!

The second trick is to show you a one way ticket price!

Below Suite Class one way Singapore to London cost SGD12,056 or about RM38K (1SGD = MYR3.24),

We will need 225.5K KrisFlyer miles regardless if we depart from Malaysia (KL, Penang, Kota Kinabalu) or Singapore to London on Suite Class (if anyone tell you otherwise, he know nuts about playing air miles).

Once again, if we can earn 5X Treats Points with our Maybank AMEX Reserve for local spending, it means we are earning 1 KF Mile for every RM1.40 spent.

Therefore the returns we get from this BULL-SHIT example = 12% (RM38K/225.5K KF Miles x 1KF Mile/RM1.40 x 100%)!!!

In the earlier calculations for KL/London Singapore Airlines Suite Class RETURN, I showed you that we are only getting 6.85% returns today with our Maybank Premier Cards when we earn 5X Treats Points! But I can easily trick you into believing you can get 12% returns by showing you the price of a one-way ticket!!!

Once again, even if you are redeeming a one way – you are to use a return ticket price and the KF Miles required when calculating the returns you are getting from your credit card points or else you are a fool and kidding yourself!!!

Oh yes, I did exclude to taxes in the above examples but it is nominal when we use our KrisFlyer Miles to redeem for Singapore Airlines flights.

Singapore Airlines First Class

The only time you should redeem Singapore Airlines First Class tickets is when you can get Saver Option ticket. But I can tell you, all you get is a wide seat which is not comfortable at all because your arms can’t reach the armrests on both sides if you sit in the middle! However, you do get to sleep straight.

I did fly Singapore Airlines First Class on the Boeing 777, but it was a short flight Sydney to Singapore.

Singapore Airlines Business Class

As I have reiterated many times, we need to sleep “senget” when we fly with Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, Boeing 777 and some of the older Airbus A350 too.

My wife flew with Singapore Airlines on Business Class on the Boeing 777 and after we landed, she told me the seat was so uncomfortable as she had to sleep senget, hahaha.

If you are flying with Singapore Airlines Business Class, best you book early and get the Bulk Head Seat where you can sleep straight!

However, the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 for regional flights and to some destinations in Australia, we do get to sleep straight 🙂

I tell you, you better redeem Suite Class asap and not burn your KrisFlyer Miles on Business Class. With Singapore Airlines and Maybank inflating their redemption programs, in no time we will only be able to redeem Economy Class tickets with our credit card reward points!!!

Last but not least, if you ever blessed with a Suite Class on Saver Option, do not think twice but book it immediately and then if your boos does not allow you to take leave, fire him on the spot for not being reasonable and not adhering to what God has planned for you 🙂