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My Wife’s New Hot Burning Toy – AMC Bluetooth Technology Gadgets

Recently I showed you guys my freaking cheap new toy – All Black Military Style Stealth “Automatic” Eco-Drive Watch. Today, I am going to tell you about a covert operation ran by my mum and my wife to secretly bring AMC International gadgets without my knowledge where I stupidly carried them to Melbourne.

Many of you were given the privilege to read one of my exclusive articles where I mentioned that my wife and daughter were flying return KL/Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines this year (2018) because AirAsia tickets cost about the same during peak periods (Australia High School Holidays). I then “upgraded” my wife and daughter to Business Class using 90K Enrich Miles where I paid less compared to the standard method of upgrading a Malaysia Airlines Economy Smart ticket to Business Class using the same number of 90K Enrich Miles.

My wife and daughter flew into Melbourne in late January whereas I flew into Melbourne with my son just before Chinese New Year. Therefore, with 4 of us flying with Malaysia Airlines, we had more than 100kg allowance. When my wife returned to KL in December 2017, she had only 2 check in luggage. However, in January 2018, she had 4 check in luggage to bring to Melbourne. So she took 2 luggage in January and asked me to take the other 2. I had no idea what the heck my wife packed where the total weight for the 4 bags actually exceeded 100kg! My son and myself only needed to carry our backpacks that weighed less than 7kg. Woman thingy – “ma fan” (in Cantonese which means “give problems”) the men only.

What the heck is AMC Cookware?

From Wikipedia, click here for the link which needs to be translated, below is part of what was mentioned:

AMC International Alfa Metalcraft Corporation AG is an international direct sales company specializing in cookware, headquartered in Rotkreuz in the Swiss municipality of Risch . The company is not listed on the stock exchange and belongs to the German Fissler Group. AMC sales agents are usually free agents who conduct cooking meetings in private households where the benefits of the products are presented and the customer can test the products. Kochtreffs and subsequent sales talks are also used to recruit new distribution partners.

The company was founded in 1963 as American Metalcraft Corporation in Bingen , Germany. In 1966, the company internationalized through the establishment of the holding AMC International and the Swiss branch at the new headquarters in Rotkreuz. The renaming of American Metalcraft Corporation to Alfa Metalcraft Corporation took place in 1974.

Today the holding company operates under the name AMC International Alfa Metalcraft Corporation AG , the Swiss subsidiary under AMC (Switzerland) Alfa Metalcraft AG , the German as AMC Alfa Metalcraft Corporation Handelsgesellschaft mbH and the Austrian as AMC Oesterreich Handelsgesellschaft mbH .

Today, the AMC Group operates in over 30 countries and has more than 15 million customers.

So, basically AMC is a Multi Level Marketing Scheme!!! If you google AMC Cookware, you will find people who either loves it or hates it!!! However, the product must be pretty good as they have been operating for more than half a century or else the company would have been closed down long ago.

My Mum and Wife Covert Operation

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