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My Disciple’s Live Travel Report – ANA Suite/First Class Lounge Narita Tokyo

Today I will present to you a Live Travel Report from one of my super grateful die hard supporters since 2013 whom have flown multiple times on Suite, First and Business Class for FREE (more than 20 times!)

She redeemed a last minute ticket to Tokyo last week, i.e. she used her Enrich Miles to redeem the tickets on Business Class for her and her husband in the morning and flew there the same night!!!

For her return flight, she used her KrisFlyer Miles to redeem Suite Class for her and her husband from Narita to Singapore.

Since I have presented so many reports on Singapore Airlines Suite Class, she shared with me photos of her visit to ANA Suite/First Class Lounge in Narita airport instead.

As of this moment, as I am drafting this, she is on Singapore Airlines flight from Narita to Singapore and she just sent me her lunch on board (photo below) with the free on board Wi-Fi:

Singapore Airlines First Class Narita to Singapore.jpg

I am pleased to present to you her Live Travel Report.

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