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My Hong Kong & Macau Trip 2016


I just returned from Macau a few days ago. It was my third trip to Macau.

The first time I visited Macau was in 2011 and I published an article about it at my Ringgit Wise Fool blog. That article was pretty long as I tried to share as much info for those who intend to visit Macau. I posted many photos in that article including the rooms I stayed at in Grand Lisboa and The Venetian. Actually, I stayed in 3 different hotels for the 3 nights I was there, hahaha. The other hotel was Best Western Sun Sun (located near Senado Square) which was clean and pretty cheap but the room was really tiny compared to Grand Lisboa and The Venetian.

The second time I went to Macau and Hong Kong was in November 2012 and I wrote a freaking long article about it. It was full of very informative stuff and I published it at genxgenygenz.blogspot BUT google deleted that blog because they claim it was generated by a non-human! This said blog is now online again but it does not belong to me!!!

For this article, I won’t be as detailed as my previous articles on Macau but will highlight to you information that may (or may not) benefit you.

This time I visited Macau with a friend who has been there many times and as such he took me to restaurants in Macau which I most likely would not have visited. However, in Hong Kong I took him to 2 famous restaurants which he has never tried.

I flew to Macau with AirAsia where I used my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve to pay for my wife’s and my tickets and get to earn 1 Enrich Mile for every Ringgit spent on my AirAsia ticket 🙂 And for my hotel rooms, I will book with Agoda (most of the time) and also use my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and once again earn 1 Enrich Miles for every RM1 spent.


As of January 2016, less credit cards are allowed FREE makan at the Green Market (opposite Dome in the Check In Hall) compared to the last time I was there. Last year, I still could use my RHB Visa Premier Debit Card and RHB Platinum Visa Credit Card, but it’s no longer the case. Below is a photo showing you the cards that allows you the privilege of FREE makan at the Green Market @ KLIA 2. FYI, Priority Pass Membership Card is not welcome at the Green Market but you can enter the 3 Plaza Premium Lounges in KLIA 2 with it.

Green Market KLIA 2

Green Market KLIA 2 Menu Credit Card

Green Market KLIA 2 rice and coffee


We reached Macau in the evening and stayed 3 nights in Macau and took a day trip to Hong Kong. We took the TurboJet from Macau to Kong Kong and back where each trip cost about HKD160-180.

My Macau Hong Kong Trip 2016


The room I stayed in was a smoking room:) But I can tell you the stench from burned tobacco was strong unlike the smoking rooms I stayed in at The Venetian and Grand Lisboa which did not have this problem. As for the room itself, it is not as luxurious as Grand Lisboa or The Venetian but for the price I paid, I have nothing to complain and I will just show you some photos.

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