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The New Revamped CIMB Visa Infinite Review 2018

The CIMB World MasterCard and Visa Infinite were my very first premium credit cards. At that time (more than a decade ago), it was issued under Southern Bank’s Direct Access. The reason why I signed up for these cards was simply because I wanted to shiok sendiri, hahaha. You see, at that time I was still in my mid to late 30s and gila over credit cards where I had almost all major commercial banks’ credit cards except for AmBank and Affin. So, as a young and foolish person, I just wanted to have bragging rights – not many people back then in their 30s can qualify for a Premium Credit Card with RM1xx,xxx.xx Credit Limit where the minimum annual income requirement was RM240K p.a.

When CIMB took over Southern Bank (Direct Access), they were so desperate for new members that the lower the requirements to be eligible for their World MasterCard and Visa Infinite where anyone having a credit limit of RM30K will be grated the cards!!! So, it was no longer a big deal holding the CIMB World MasterCard or Visa Infinite.

Prior to 2016, the Citibank Prestige Elite MasterCard was the Ultimate Credit Card for Bragging Rights but it was replaced by the Duralumin (alloy) OCBC Premier Voyage MasterCard. This year, there is a new Ultimate Limited Edition Credit Card to own for bragging rights. It is really exclusive where it is made of bronze and only 1000 Malaysians will be entitled to get it. Click here to read my article The Ultimate Credit Card for Bragging Rights 2018 (but you will need the password which is only granted to my FB Followers).

I hardly ever used the CIMB MasterCard or Visa Infinite because it earned me really miserable returns compared to other credit cards. But because the CIMB World MasterCard and Visa Infinite were FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions, I kept them.

In reference to the above paragraph, that is why I keep telling you guys to sign up for FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions credit card and not to cancel them. I tell you, once you retire or become unemployed like me, it is very tough to get a credit card (not impossible as I have proven to you guys over the years that I managed to get the Maybank 2 Cards Premier plus other Premium Cards after I fired my boss when I was in my early 40s and became unemployed and remained a bum since then – if you must know, i am still in my 40s).

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