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My USA (Hawaii) Trip 2018


In my previous blogs, I published articles related to my holidays where I shared with you my experience and things/tips that I learned during my trips, i.e. My USA Trip 2013, My Europe & USA Trip 2014, My London Trip 2015 and My Europe Trip 2016. Unfortunately, I have deleted all of them when I decided to stop blogging in May 2017, hahaha. In all these trips mentioned, I managed to redeem free Business Class tickets with Malaysia Airlines using Enrich Miles converted from my credit cards’ reward points 🙂

GenX Past trips

My eldest son was accepted into a Top 10 Engineering University in USA at the age of 16 even before his SPM results were out (he entered Standard 1 at the age of 6 the year before our current PM who was Education Minister ruled that everyone must start Standard 1 at age 7).

FYI, I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in the USA and upon completion continued with a Masters in engineering at the same Uni. And I found the time I spent in the USA made me independent and self-reliant. When my eldest son was in Form 5, he had no ambition then (maybe he was too young). I tried to brainwash him to pursue a MBBS degree but he refused. That’s why I decided to send him to USA to pursue a 4 year Engineering Degree in 2009. You see, the reason is because most of the universities in the USA only require their students to decide on an engineering  major in their second year while they take general engineering related classes in their Freshman year.

And because my son was so young, my wife (who also graduated with a Bachelors of Science from the USA with GPA of 3.99/4.0) and I decided to accompany him to the USA and applied for US Visa which is good for 10 years. That was in year 2009.

I did return to the USA in 2013 to attend my son’s convocation. My son then pursued a Masters in Engineering Degree from an Ivy League Uni (Best of the Best World’s Top Unis), so my wife and I went to the USA again in 2014 to attend his convocation but this time we flew to Paris, then to New York and return via London (return KL Europe on Business Class with MAS complimentary from my credit cards’ reward points). While my son was at the Ivy League Uni, I guess it made him smarter (more matured), i.e. he started to plan for his future and decided 4 years ago that he wanted to be a doctor after all. He is now in his final year pursuing a Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D.) in an Australia Uni ranked Top 50 in the world for Medicine. So, this son of mine burned a hell of a lot of my bloody money in the USA on his Engineering degrees!  Well, actually he is burning his future inheritance for a good course and I get to brag very soon that he has 3 degrees, hahaha.

If you are new to my blog, please click here to read my article titled Spending Children Future Inheritance

Sometime in July 2017, during dinner at my brother-in-law’s home, he mentioned that AirAsia was having a sale to Hawaii where one could get a Flat Bed for about RM2,500 one way. So, I went and checked it out and I was surprised that a return ticket KL to Honolulu on Economy Class cost only RM1,800. That’s even cheaper than what I usually pay for my wife and children’s return KL/Melbourne during peak periods (Australia school breaks)!!!

My wife’s and my USA Visas will expire in 2019. However, my 3 younger children also have USA Visas which expire in Dec 2018 because they attended my sister’s wedding in the USA (she’s a Professor in a California State Uni) in 2008. And I tell you, applying for USA Visa is damn freaking tedious, having to provide this and that info. So, I asked my children if they would like to go to the USA again before their Visas expire and they said ok.

So, I booked 5 tickets on Economy Class with AirAsia and after including the price of Quite Zone, Hot Seats, Meals and Baggage, the total amount came out to be RM11,656 or RM2,331.20 per pax. Of course I used my Maybank 2 Cards Premier American Express Reserve and thus earned myself  12,218 Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles or Asia Miles!!! I tell you, this Maybank AMEX Reserve is damn freaking fantastic, I earn more Enrich Airmiles from paying AirAsia tickets than I do from flying with AirAsia.


And if you are a follower of mine for years, you will know that I practice spending my children’s future inheritance where everyone gets to accumulate fond memories and my children will remember me as a generous dad instead of me trying to dig myself out of the grave when I see them burn my money on their GF/wives or maybe even BF/husbands without saying, “thanks dad”, hahaha.


The flight was scheduled to depart from KLIA2 at 2.15pm. We were unable to check in online due to USA security concerns. So, we went to the airport early and luckily we did because there were only 2 counters for checking in to Hawaii and the process was kind of lengthy as the ticketing counter had to key in the address we were staying in Hawaii for each person manually.

After checking in, my children wanted Isaac Toast (a famous Korean sandwich) which is located opposite Guardian in the shopping mall. My daughters had to wake up early just to be in the Q for more than an hour just to eat the damn sandwich while they were in South Korea last year. I on the other hand went and bought a “Hum Chee Peng” (red bean bun) at I Love Yoo. I tell you, my red bean bun only cost me RM2.50 or less whereas my 3 children simply spent my money and burned RM40+ on sandwiches!!!  Then again, like I said, they are burning their future inheritance……. and me stupidly trying to save every sen, hahaha.

Isaac I Love Yoo


We then headed to the Plaza Premium Lounge next to Thai Odyssey located at the Mezzanine Floor, same floor as Burger King and Texas Chicken.

Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA Shopping Mall Mezzanine

My wife has her own Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Debit Card that allows her UNLIMITED FREE entries to any of the Plaza Premium Lounges in KLIA2 but subject to monthly quota and first come first serve basis. I on the other hand used 4 cards mentioned below to grant FREE access for my 3 children and myself:

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