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GenX’s Live Travel Report On Malaysia Business Class Melbourne to KL February 2020 – The Cabin Crew Service Was Really Wonderful. Soon Malaysia Airlines Will Be Awarded The World’s Best Business Class 2020

As you guys know, my wife and I sometimes fly Business Class with Malaysia Airlines to or from Melbourne. In my last Malaysia Airlines Business Class Live Travel Report back in 2019, I had basically nothing good to say about it. Same same as the many Live Travel Reports from my followers who flew Biz Class with Malaysia Airlines where none of them were impressed.

If you fly with Singapore Airlines, the moment you walked into the plane, the steward and stewardess will greet you with – welcome back Mr. X.

However, for the past 2 years many of my followers and myself have reported that Malaysia Airlines stewardess and stewards nowadays never ever addressed us as Mr. X or Ms. Y unlike many years ago.

And  most of you know that I am a cognac lover and I never fail to complain about the “not so good” cognac served on board Malaysia Airlines Business Class.

Below was my last report on Malaysia Airlines Business Class and you will note that I had nothing good to say where they were not willing to serve me croissant and for the matter anything for breakfast!!!

Well, I just (March 2020) returned to KL from Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines Business Class and I was amazed with the level of service by the cabin crew! The inflight experience was really wonderful. Continue reading