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You Better Fly First Class on Airbus A380 Soon To Experience A Rare Chance Of A Lifetime Or You Will Regret For The Rest Of Your Life


Concorde was a marvelous human invention whereby it could fly up to twice the speed of sound. i.e. Mach 2.04!! It started operations between London and Paris in 1976.  However, it stop operations in 2003 and I never had the opportunity to experience it.



The Airbus A380 is another marvelous invention by humans where it is the world’s largest and most spacious passenger aircraft. The double-deck A380 offer passengers attainable luxury with enough room to install stylish first-class suites, eye-catching bar or business areas, beautifully inviting cabin lighting and the quietest cabin in the sky, you will enjoy every aspect of the flight and, thanks to innovative cabin air supply technology, will arrive at your destination feeling inspired and ready to go.

Emirates First Class A380.jpg

Emirates First Class Airbus A380

Airbus A380 Business Class

Business Class on A380

I have flown with Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Suite Class (which is beyond First Class, hehe) and I can tell you it was superb. It was the older Suite but it was truly a wonderful experience.

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