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FREE Money for You, Malaysian Youths 20-30 and even Kids 7-12 who can’t vote

If you are a Follower of mine, you would know that I started a new project in early Feb 2018 where a selected few die hard supporters who were freaking generous and equally crazy joined my exclusive project where we share stuff that benefit us, especially on  matters relating to credit cards to earn free money and fly Business Class for peanuts.

Well, my new project took off on 12 Feb and we have shared many stuff but I thought I should share with you guys what my project team members selflessly shared so that you, the Rakyat, will benefit from our generous and caring government which gives out  FREE Money!!!


One of my project team members shared that he gets 10% discount when he pays his PTPTN loan via direct debit (Savings Account). 10% discount is better than any credit card cash back!!!

PTPTN Direct Debit


Now, our government is also giving those with outstanding PTPTN loans 20% discount if you settle in full prior to 31 December 2018

Here are my thought on the above 20% discount.

  • If you can afford to clear your outstanding PTPTN loan in 6 equal installments, it is worthwhile to consider paying off your PTPTN loan using a credit card.
  • Then perform 0% Balance Transfer!!! If you are new to Balance Transfer Plans, please click here to my previous article on Balance Transfer 2016 to get some ideas on it. My advise is, always go with our local banks’ 0% Balance Transfer Plans with equal installments (currently Public Bank and AEON Credit are offering 6 Months 0% BT) and not foreign banks (e.g. HSBC and CitiBank).
  • So, if you can settle in full, you will be able to save 20% off your Outstanding PTPTN Loan amount. And if you do some homework, e.g. contact PTPTN to liase/obtain more info, you should be able to use your credit card and then perform a 0% 6 months balance transfer 🙂

PTPTN Credit Card

PTPTN Credit Card Payment

PTPTN Credit Card Payment at kaunter



After I shared the 10% discount for PTPTN loans with my Project Team Members, another selfless person then forwarded the image below to me and shared that his child earned RM500 FREE Money from the government when he deposited RM500 into his child’s SSPN1M account!!!

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