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GenX’s Credit Card Tutorial 2020 – CC 101

Another Personal Finance tutorial by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

This is FREE Personal Finance Express Tuition for all credit card users, not necessary for newbies only but for Malaysians (contents applicable for worldwide too except for benefits that comes with cards issued by Malaysian banks).


Before I proceed, the first major set back for credit card fans in 2020 is that effective 1st August 2020, the cash back rate for the Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature will be downgraded to just 1%. No more 10% cash back in May or August! Below is the announcement at Maybank’s website:

Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature Cash Back Revision 2020 Announcement

LESSON NO.1 – What credit card to choose?

1. Get FREE FOR LIFE credit card without any condition.

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