Readers’ Choice Award – Best Top 5 Cash Back Credit Cards in Malaysia

I have been claiming that GenX GenY GenZ is Malaysia’s No.1 Top Personal Finance website for years after one particular website ranked GenX GenY GenZ as No.1 even though it specifically mentioned that the Top 5 Personal Finance Websites he listed are in no particular order, hahaha.

GenX GenY GenZ No.1

I also have been claiming that GenX GenY GenZ is Malaysia’s No.1 Unbiased Personal Finance website simply because I DO NOT receive any income or sponsorship from any banks, cards issuers or finance related companies. I just publish articles to share with my readers/followers and in return many of them selflessly share information that benefit me in return.

Seriously, the best place to learn what are the best credit cards to get is at LYN!!! I tell you, the members of LYN are super smart and are willing to share info for the benefit of others. However, if one is new to LYN, it will take him/her like forever to read all the threads there. Important sharing by members may be scattered all over the place (one credit card may have more than 1 thread and if you were to read even 1 single thread it will take you days, hahaha).

For years I have also been publishing my annual credit cards showdown which determines the best credit cards in Malaysia. I believe many trusted my review/analysis because I was unbiased and had a systematic methodology to rank the credit cards analyzed. Therefore, when a person who reads my annual Ultimate Credit Card Showdown To Determine The Best Top 10 Credit Cards, where I will comment on each individual card in detail, he/she will then be better informed and can immediately decide which credit card is best suited to his/her spending pattern.

Sad to say, many Personal Finance websites have copied me by producing their own Best Top Credit Cards BUT I tell you, their methodology (or lack of one) is a joke where they suka-suka give ranking without any substantial reasoning to back them up and more importantly fail to inform their readers (more like potential customers as their only objective is to earn commission for the card issuers) the actual EFFECTIVE CASH BACK or how much is required to be spent to earn 1 Airmile (i.e. apple to apple comparison by indicating 1 Airmile = RMX spent).

Then out of the blue on 25th January 2018, I decided that it’s time my Followers determine which are the best cash back credit cards in Malaysia and therefore came out with the idea of a Readers’ Choice Award.

Readers Choice FB Announcement

I am so happy that many of my Followers actually took the time and submitted their votes, as such, I am honored to present to you GenX GenY GenZ Readers’ Choice Award 2018 for the Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Malaysia.


WINNER – Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum American Express

Readerss Choice Winner Best Cash Back Credit Card 2018 Maybank 2 Cards AMEX


1st RUNNER UP – Public Bank Visa Signature

Readerss Choice 1st Runner Up Winner Best Cash Back Credit Card 2018 Public Bank Visa Signature


2nd RUNNER UP – Public Bank Quantum Cards

Readerss Choice 2nd Runner Up Winner Best Cash Back Credit Card 2018 Public Bank Quantum CArds Visa MasterCard


The Rest of the Top 5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards – Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature & Maybank Ikhwan MasterCard

Readers Choice Top 5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards Malaysia


FYI, 93.1% of the respondents had the FREE FOR LIFE  Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum AMEX as one of their Top 3 favorite Cash Back Credit Cards.

However, only 37.9% and 29.3% of the respondents selected Public Bank Visa Signature and Public Bank Quantum Cards in their Top 3 favorite Cash Back Credit Cards.

On the other hand, 24.1% and 17.2% of the respondents selected the FREE FOR LIFE Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature and FREE FOR LIFE Maybank Islamic Ikhwan  MasterCard respectively as one of their Top 3 favorite cash back credit cards.

So from the above, the Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum Cards (American Express) is clearly the run away winner.

However, Public Bank Quantum Cards and Maybank FC Barcelona were almost neck to neck for the 2nd Runner Up position.

The Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature is still pretty new. I believe as more people sign up for it and once they have tasted the real fantastic 10% cash back in the months of May and August, most likely next year it will shoot up to No.2. Seriously, with PBB VS cash back monthly cap of RM38, one needs 5+ months to earn RM200 in cash back from it. The Maybank FC Barcelona VS on the other hand, one can earn RM200 in cash back in 2 months!!! Well, we shall see how you guys vote next year, hahaha.

All the Top 5 Best Cash Back Credit Card Readers’ Choice Award are generally FREE FOR LIFE and earn everyone cash back from Essential Expenses (Petrol, Insurance, Government Related Transactions and Groceries). On behalf of all my Followers, I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Maybank and Public Bank for assisting the Rakyat to cope with the ever rising cost of living.

Once again, GenX GenY GenZ, Malaysia’s No.1 Unbiased Personal Finance Website, the leader on matters relating to Credit Cards in Malaysia, has come out with another very first systematic method to determine the best credit card in Malaysia, i.e. Readers’ Choice Award for Best Credit Cards. And you can expect other biased Malaysian personal finance websites to mimic/copy/plagiarize my idea.

With the above Readers’ Choice Award, GenX GenY GenZ has cemented itself as Malaysia’s No.1 UNBIASED & INDEPENDENT Personal Finance Website  and it is all thanks to you, my Followers 🙂

Zillion Thanks

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