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My New Best Cash Back Credit Card in Malaysia 2018 – Earn Close To 20% Cash Back For Petrol

Since my “reborn” on 25 December 2017, I have been producing many credit cards reviews and several card comparison articles.

And in January 2018, I did more than 12 cash back credit cards reviews and one particular credit card was even called the Best Cash Back Credit Card in Malaysia for months of May and August. This card is freaking fantastic. It is FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions and earns you 10% guaranteed cash back for any type of transactions.

And the card mentioned above is no other than the fantastic Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature (click here to read my review of it).

The Maybank FC Barcelona won itself a place in the Top 10 Best Credit Cards in Malaysia 2018 in my Ultimate Credit Cards Showdown 2018 (By Invitation Only):

The Maybank FC Barcelona was also voted by my readers as their No.2 top favorite credit card in Malaysia for 2018:

However, the joke is, despite me promoting the Maybank FC Barcelona to all my readers for FREE, I did not apply for it until sometime in mid May 2018, hahaha.

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