My Economy Class Travel Report With Malaysia Airlines November 2018

I flew to Melbourne on 20th November 2018 with Malaysia Airlines on Economy Class and scheduled to fly back to KL end of December 2018. This said return ticket was bought early in the year when Malaysia Airlines had a sale and it cost me about RM1.8K only.

FYI, Malaysia Airlines Economy Class seating configuration for the KL/Melbourne route on the Airbus A330 is now 2+4+2 and I like to have a window seat.

As you may be aware, we can choose our seats for FREE when flying with Malaysia Airlines upon Web Check-In up to 48 hours before the flight. When I Check-In 40 hours before my flight, I was assigned to the “centre” of the middle row seat (Row 36D)! And to my surprise I only had one alternative seat to choose from and luckily it as an aisle seat at Row 26C. So I switched.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 Seating.jpg

At the Gate while I was about to board the plane, I was told that I have to switch seat!!! I was like, WTF, are they going to put me in the middle seat again? But to my delight, Malaysia Airlines reassigned me to 11K which is a window and Bulk Head Seat 🙂

Malaysia Airlines Bulk Head Seat Is So Freaking Spacious

I tell you, the 11K bulk head seat leg room is so freaking spacious – the length spans 3 windows (see picture below) and even the Business Class seat length are not this “long”. That’s because this seat at 11K allows for a bassinet. I was seated next to a young lady with a very cute toddle.  Lucky me, the kid did not cry once and actually slept most of the journey, just like me, hahaha.

Once again, seat 11K space length spans 3 windows!!!

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 bulk Head Seat

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 bulk Head 2

Below is a photo of the Business Class seat, take note that it spans 2 windows only compared to the Bulk Head Seat at Economy Class 11K.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 bulk Head Business Class.jpg


I have been flying on and off KL to Melbourne for the last 5 years on Economy Class. Generally the main meals (lunch or supper) has improved BUT Malaysia Airlines is still serving the same horrible pizzas or pies before landing.

During this said last trip with Malaysia Airlines in November, I had Satay with Rice for supper and it was pretty good. As for breakfast just before landing, the stewardess asked if I wanted the mushroom or chicken pie? I asked – is it still horrible and she just smiled. So, I just had a cup of coffee before landing.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 Food KL to Melbourne

Malaysia is known for it’s superior varieties of delicious food and I can’t comprehend how is it possible for Malaysia Airlines to serve really freaking horrible pizzas and pies. I guess it is because those people at the Top Management of Malaysia Airlines has never flown Economy Class and not bothered to taste the food that is served; therefore stupidly wasting money on inedible food!!! I tell you, it is time Tan Sri Tony Fernandes  be made CEO of Malaysia Airlines and I bet he can provide us better meals and save Malaysia Airlines tons of money on those damn horrible pies and instead we are served the delicious nasi lemak or chicken rice which is served on AirAsia!!! Oh, Tony, if you are ever made CEO of Malaysia Airlines, please also change the horrible cognacs that are served at MAS Golden Lounge at KLIA and on the planes too.


As I mentioned, the return ticket above was bought early in 2018. Then something turned up and I have to be back in KL on 1st and 2nd December 2018.

I tell you, I am truly blessed because I managed to redeem a Suite Class ticket Melbourne to Singapore and Business Class Singapore to KL on 29th November 2018 for FREE. As most of you long time followers of mine know, whenever I fly Economy Class, I will pay for the tickets (because it is damn stupid if I redeem Economy Class tickets using Air Miles as the returns we earn give us less compared to playing Cash Back Credit Cards) BUT when it comes to First and Business Class, I fly for FREE because I will use the air miles converted from my credit cards’ reward points. Click here to read my Travel Report On Singapore Suite Class which is beyond First Class – it was truly an amazing experience.

As for more return trip to Melbourne tomorrow, I am flying Fussiness Class with Qantas and once again using air miles converted my credit cards’ reward points 🙂 I will present to you my Travel Report on this journey once I am back in Melbourne.

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